Political And Social Tensions Among Class, Race, And Race Essay example

Political And Social Tensions Among Class, Race, And Race Essay example

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In the period of 1877 to 1900, the United States encountered fluctuations in economic change that produced political and social tensions among class, ethnic and racial lines. The United States gained significant economic prosperity and recognition through industrialization, land acquisition, and unfortunately exploitation of its population. Political and social tensions among class, race and ethnicity caused by economic change often times inciting concerns of impartiality resulting in damage to society. Moreover, the damage was incomparable and had lasting or dire effects affecting all regions and individuals. Economic change stood as the foundation for the many trials that confronted individuals and regions. Economic change fostered inequalities thereby creating an atmosphere of violence with a population that would offer resistance and demand change.
The Northern region of the Unites States was experiencing fluctuations in economic change. For some time, the economy remained motionless thereby reducing wages for laborers and ultimately resulting in labor conflict . As time progressed, the economy strengthened through industrialization and mass production. A period of rapid growth in population, industrialization, mass production, and commercialization surrounded the Northern region. Cities, businesses, firms, and the government were beginning to strengthen and expand their establishments. The rapid growth called for larger businesses, a massive labor force, and even greater power. Business reached an abundant level of growth in size, power, wealth, and influence . It was an era of innovation, one that would fuel social tension and ignite a war between the classes. Workers remained powerless and continued to endure long hours o...

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...neously creating a devastating social and political climate of violence with a population that would offer resistance and demand change.
From 1877 to 1900, the United States experienced a growth in residents, innovations, wealth and notable status. At the same time, the United States and its population concerning class, ethnicity, and race all endured troubling times. Economic change erupted social and political tensions. Each region created an atmosphere of violence within its population. Moreover, each region was confronted with a population who offered resistance and demanded change with a strong desire to renew America and provide equality to all inhabitants. Fluctuations in economic change cultivated race and income inequality which stood as the underlying cause for the emergence of social and political tensions throughout all regions of the United States.

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