Political And Social Changes Of The Sui Dynasty Essay

Political And Social Changes Of The Sui Dynasty Essay

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Using our studies, explain what political and social changes these regions underwent and cite specific examples as to how these societies attempted to restore political and social order.
These post-classical societies were forced to undergo social and political changes in order to restore order. Byzantium was created and held together socially by Christianity and Justinian 's Code, China unified politically under a centralized rule in the Sui dynasty, and the middle eastern states unified under Muhammad after the break-up of the Sassanid empire and under the Umayyad empire after Muhammad’s death.
To deal with corruption, China switched back to meritocracy. This way, the heads of the government were the ones capable of ruling and had the proper abilities to manage rather being people based on blood who were often incapable of holding power. China also built the Grand Canal. This system allowed for quick transport of crops and communication. They created centralization as the country was better connected but centered around the government. Another way China became centralized was through the Sui dynasty. China was divided until the Sui centralized the country. In addition, Buddhism served as a unifying religion in China.
The Mediterranean states were unified under Christianity. Previously, the Roman Empire was divided and the western half collapsed. Christianity became the basis of the new empire. In addition, order was kept through law. Justinian 's Code, which was a codification of all Roman laws, helped keep order in the Byzantine Empire. Justinian also rebuilt Constantinople after tax protest riots In addition, the theme system was established. This system divided the Byzantine Empire into different districts that were each led ...

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...hese areas. This is seen from the wearing of a burka-like veil in Africa (but not exactly a burka. Concept was tweaked). The presence of Islam in India is shown by the amount of mosques constructed. Christianity was spread to Asia and African countries such as Ethiopia. Christianity helped build monasteries in these countries to combat natural disasters. In addition, Christianity established civilization in these areas, such as elements like education. Western Africa established elements of the Western world such as a written language.
Through trade and communication networks, several things were able to spread between the Western and Eastern world such as goods (golds, spices, humans, etc...), intellectual ideas, and religion. All of these concepts and items spread were able to advance the civilizations involved by progressing them economically and intellectually.

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