Policy Of The Committee On Nominating And Governance Essay

Policy Of The Committee On Nominating And Governance Essay

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Policy Component
Policy Name Governance Policy
Policy The policy is about who will be leading the council and the 6 committees under the council as well as their main jobs in the council. The council will be lead by the chairman and 6 committees namely the committee on finance and planning, nomination and governance, organizational performance and outcomes, audit, oversight and ethics. The policy will be stating that the role of the chairman is to lead the organization to specific goal by determining if the organization is adequately reaching it’s needed outputs so as to reach it’s goals, and whether if the organization will need help from outside the organization. The main job of the committee of finance is to keep tract of the organizations finances through financial reports and to regularly report their findings to the council so as to make a prompt decision. The main job of the committee on nominating and governance is to make sure that the organization id being lead properly and that any position that is vacant is filled with competent personnel. The main job of the committee of audit is to make sure the company is running to it’s full potential by always keeping the organization’s strength and weaknesses in check. The main job of the committee of oversight is to determine what possible future goals can the committee go forwards in and if the organization missed something needed for future growth. The committee on ethics is there so as to make sure that all employees and organizational processes are ethically sound (Creative nz.n.d).
Policy Purpose To provide information on the members of the board and what they are supposed to do
Process Each task of the committee should be done by the board members so as to be able to acc...

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...s (Creative nz.n.d).

Committee on audit
The committee on audit is not an internal part of the organization. Firstly the committee on audit is going to check the daily operations of each departments and the organization as a whole. Secondly they are going to determine if all the operations of the organization are being done with minimal waste possible both in resources and human resources. Lastly the committee is going to bring the report to the chairman and the council so that they can address the problems noted (Creative nz.n.d).

Committee on ethics
Firstly the committee is going to get a record of the daily operations of the departments. Secondly they are going to scan the operations and employee reports from any ethical problems in the operation of the organization. Lastly the committee is going to bring the reports to the chairman and council (Creative nz.n.d).

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