The Policy Of Free Community College Tuition Essay

The Policy Of Free Community College Tuition Essay

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On January 20, 2015, president Obama made the State of the Union address to Congress and the nation. He spoke about issues facing the United States, from sick leave to global warming. He urged congress to keep an open mind on his new courageous plan, tuition-free community college. The plan has been named America’s College Promise Act of 2015. He stated that by the year 2020, two in every three job opportunities will demand a higher education degree (State of the Union, 2015). Unfortunately, most Americans feel that higher education is not attainable for them. Most students worry about the rising cost of college tuition; financial aid is not awarded to every student that applies. This leaves prospective students with very little options for financing college. President Obama feels that with higher education, graduates can be paired with local employers to fill high paying jobs (State of the Union, 2015).
This research paper will focus on the proposed policy of free community college tuition in the United States. The first research stream will explore community colleges and their history, then assess the current state of community colleges. The second research stream will center on the history of tuition-free college in the United States, then explore two well-known free colleges. The third research stream will concentrate on the America’s College Promise Act, focusing on the benefits, risks, and what some states have enacted to offer tuition-free community college. The fourth research stream will focus on how free community college tuition could possibly be funded. The final research stream will look at colleges and universities outside of the United States and how they are offering tuition-free college tuition or ...

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...d the idea of free community college, Representative Bobby Scott and Senator Tammy Baldwin proposed America’s College Promise Act (Morris, 2015). This act would make community college tuition free and help to alleviate the financial aspect for students. The act would call for cooperation from numerous states and the government. First-time students would be required to sustain a 2.5 GPA and be registered in school part-time at a minimum. Students would be able to be enrolled for three years to finish their degree for free (America’s College Promise Act, 2015). Sara Goldrick-Rab (2016), a Professor of educational policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, states that higher education has been under a great deal of discussion recently. All higher education institutions have one thing in common, that people cannot afford them (Goldrick-Rab and Kelly, 2016).

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