The Policy Of Cutting Students From High School Sports Versus The No Cut Policy

The Policy Of Cutting Students From High School Sports Versus The No Cut Policy

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The policy of cutting students from high school sports versus the no-cut policy has been a highly discussed dispute. Regardless of the requests of some parents to stop cutting kids in high school sports, evidence from Barry Temkin in the Chicago Tribune suggests that cutting high schoolers from sports should be an action taken by high school coaches. Some high schools struggle with managing money (add more)... Not only would cutting kids be necessary and beneficial, it gives students an opportunity to work harder or discover a sport that is perfectly fit for them.
People who argue no cuts in sports say that kids should experience the atmosphere of being on a team. They learn valuable lessons of self-esteem and developing discipline. By participating on a high school sports team, students can exercise to prevent obesity, which has been “hailed as the new childhood plague” (Schmich). Obesity may be more likely to happen if a child is cut from a sport he or she loves because his or her mindset could completely change. Students could give up on their goals and let their body pay the toll. Therefore, cutting kids from high school sports teams is too much damage to their emotional and physical health (Lench). Young adults should not have to endure the heartbreak of being cut from a sports team.
On the other hand, being cut from a sports team provides students with failure as a part of growing up. Students should understand failure in order to succeed. Many kids will end up quitting the team anyway if they are not happy with their playing time. For example, if there are 26 boys who try out for the basketball team, only five of the boys can be on the court at a time. Some kids will not play at all and quitting may be their only option....

... middle of paper ... career as a varsity swimmer. Everything happens for a reason and being cut from one sport should not stop someone from becoming successful in another sport. Another example would be that a student who is a benchwarmer on a basketball team of twenty players may never know that he or she is exceptionally good at track and field. Being cut from high school sports can guide high schoolers in the right direction to a sport that suits their skill level better than the original sport.
Being cut from a high school sports team is necessary and beneficial. Even though being on a team provides kids with valuable lessons and team-building skills, it is not financially possible for every high school to practice the no-cut policy. It may not be an ideal way for children to discover new talents but making cuts should still be an active policy in every high school. (add more)

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