The Policy Of Containment Is A Strategy That Was Recommended By Foreign Affair 's Expert George Kennan

The Policy Of Containment Is A Strategy That Was Recommended By Foreign Affair 's Expert George Kennan

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The policy of Containment is a strategy that was recommended by Foreign affair 's expert George Kennan. The policy was adopted and executed by the US government after the WW11. In his 8000-word telegram, Kennan recommended the strategy of “containment” of Soviets Union’s exploitation of other weaker East European countries. He further analyzed that curtailing the communist ideologies of Soviet Union these countries would be the best option to preventing another world war. He advised against military confrontation but instead called for a “patient, persistent and firm" strategic efforts to contain Soviet expansionism. He cautioned President Harry Truman of the evils of Stalin’s communist ideologies; these ideas included limiting the freedom of its people. The Soviet Union wanted a world modeled on their own country’s society and values, unlike the US and western Europe countries that sought to practice capitalist ideologies and democratic governments that allowed their citizens the freedom to elect government and exercise their civil liberties. He went on to state communism has roots from Marxism-Leninism. This idea sought to create a slave state that controlled the private life and thoughts of its citizens. As such, the Policy of Containment should be a strategy implemented by the US to suppress the spread of Communism.
In Truman 's speech, he stated that “that since the Communist challenge was worldwide, it had to be confronted everywhere around the globe." He also declared that the US must “support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures." This became known as the Truman Doctrine. The first time the US exercised the containment strategy was in Greece in 1947. US Congress...

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...tion was a very great plan that was adopted by the US and the Western European countries. With this strategy, the US and Great-Britain could avoid World war 111. The strategy was successful in all the areas that it was used. The forming of NATO, in my opinion, was the best decision made. They have been able to subdue a recurrence of any major conflict, by committing several countries to take a uniform stance in the defense against the world. Although the conflict-resolution process may appear much slower than if those countries used more aggressive and military strategy. The benefit of not going to full-blown war like the WW11 is more beneficial than if they did. Presently, the conflict in Syria and the middle east has been a cause for concern. However, I still believe in the use of “patience, persistence and firm" strategic efforts to contain those tyrant leaders.

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