The Policy Lifecycle Management Program Essay

The Policy Lifecycle Management Program Essay

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1) Sustain and Enhance Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Authoritative Sources through the Policy Lifecycle Management Program
Program Enhancement
• Enable successful Standards Transformation through establishment of guiding principles and tools to set forth deliverable expectations
o Provided tools, templates, writing guides, metrics, SharePoint etc. to enable stakeholders supporting the initiative
 DLM Kick-Off / Stakeholder Onboarding Presentation – listed out initiative objectives, roles and responsibilities, expectations, key activities, and milestones
 Prototype – provided an example of an Uber Standard and Requirement baseline
 Domain/Standard/Section Owner templates and Style Guide – guidelines to aggregating and writing measurable, clear and easy to understand Standard including Risk Statement and Standard Statement
 EGRC Standards extraction – provided all Standards for stakeholders’ update
 PMO – VSO project tracking, bi-weekly status report, and weekly helpline
 SharePoint – customized project SharePoint housing all materials and standard deliverables
• Rationalized the existing 67 Authoritative Sources in EGRC to a more integrated set better aligned with other security groups and industry standards i.e. 67 to 28 (~58% reduction)
• Institutionalized an intake and archive process with CELA to ensure Authoritative Sources are current and up to date
• Revamped EGRC based on new data model and mail merged report which result in an intuitive user interface and experience
• EGRC tool was redesigned with Authoritative Sources archival functionality to scope in relevant Authoritative Sources for better alignment with industry practices
• Developed and updated program enhancement documentation (PMO Guide and Life ...

... middle of paper ...

...y standards in structure, format, content quality and flow
• Import revised Standards into EGRC tool and made available to end users to enhance user experience
• Support EGRC tool enhancement to enable authoritative sources archival
• Enable Domain Managers and Content Owners to drive enterprise information security policies, standards, and procedures refresh ensuring accuracy, relevancy, and industry alignment in a timely manner
• Enable procedure owners to follow procedure template / guideline and be proactively update procedure content

What will you do in the upcoming period to learn and grow?
• Develop and formalize career plan
• Build necessary skills based on career guide that align with my job discipline
• Continue learning from others as I work with content owners, procedure managing group, different teams and organizations within and outside of ISRM

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