The Policy Development Process

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“Political context includes aspects such as the distribution of power, the range of organizations involved and their interests, and the formal and informal rules that govern the interactions among different players. Political context shapes the way in which policy processes work” (Nash, R., Hudson, A., and Luttrell, C., 2006). It is important to understand the political context in which a social policy issue is embedded. When I think of context, I think of action. An advocate that is trying to influence policy would be concerned about political contexts because it would determine the likelihood, suitability, and capabilities of his/her behavior (action) and conduct while seeking to institute change. By understanding the political context in which a social policy issue is embedded, one’s strategy and approach can be outlined to understand the manner in which changes can be made. Progress can be slow without understanding the political context. An advocate may understand what needs to be changed but may not understand why the change did not occur. The advocate may also be able to institute change in social policy issues if the advocate has a great understanding of the political context. The advocate must be able to align himself/herself with those that can be recruited to change the context of a policy. The advocate can also determine the severity of instituting the change and the probability of getting the change. “The appropriate level of action and type of advocacy strategy will depend on the political, social and economic situation prevailing at a given point in time” (Rietbergen,-McCracken, J., n.d.). It is important to include and identify stakeholders in the policy development process. By doing so, the stakeholder ca... ... middle of paper ... ...on-files/186.pdf National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (2014). How the Affordable Care Act Helps Seniors. Retrieved from Affordable-Care-Act-Helps-Seniors Rietbergen,-McCracken, J. (n.d.) PG Exchange. People Centered Advocacy. Civicus. Retrieved from mid=125 Snow, J. (2014). Metroweekly. Senators Move to Extend Same-Sex Couples Full Social Security Benefits. Retrieved from social-security-benefits/ Social Security Administration (2013). Press Release. Social Security Announces 1.5 Percent Benefit Increase for 2014. Retrieved from pr.html
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