Policy Brief Addressed To the South African Government Regarding Intervention

Policy Brief Addressed To the South African Government Regarding Intervention

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Policy Brief Addressed To the South African Government Regarding Intervention
Civil war in Assadistan amongst the Wadi and Hadi tribe has caused political and humanitarian turmoil to emerge. A great amount of lives have been lost of the inferior tribe, the Hadi. State power and taking advantage of such position has resulted also in unequal governance in Assadistan. This report will critically advise the President of South Africa as to whether South Africa should or should not intervene in voting in favour of the resolution formulated by China and Russia. By doing so, the report will encounter a critical analysis implementing pros and cons which as a result, will allow South African government to make the correct choice taking positive and negative consequences to the country into account. In addition, this report will also reflect an opinion of my own.
Brief Outline of Problem Before UNSC
In the region of Assadistan, the Wadi (wealthy minority tribe), has utilized its state power and force against the inferior majority tribe, the Hadi. The British government (owned Assadistan before 1949 – independence) particularly loved the Wadi tribe and GAVE control to the tribe. Ever since Assadistan has become an independent state, there has been an absence of democratic elections therefore, infringing upon the rights of the Hadi tribe. The Wadi used their power of position by regulating military forces and has oppressed the Hadi resulting in tension between the two tribes of Assadistan. Tension and power over another tribe has caused the inferior (Hadi tribe) to be deprived the opportunity to voice out their opinions in terms of governance. This action has resulted in the Hadi tribe being poverty stricken. Raged Hadi citiz...

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...usion, I would doubt the intervention for South Africa in the tribe conflict in Assadistan due to South Africa’s previous failed interventions and contradictory actions as a leader in the African continent to promote human rights and tranquility.

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