Policy Analysis : The Criminal Justice System Essay examples

Policy Analysis : The Criminal Justice System Essay examples

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Policy Analysis Component
The criminal justice system have become an important part of our country because many individuals are becoming incarcerated due to crimes committed. The criminal justice is now becoming a trend for many of the youth in the United States and Great Britain. Many youth are becoming known to the system due to previous offenses. The causes that are related to juvenile offenses are the lack of guidance and following behinds present peers. Overtime, crimes have increased dramatically from the 1990s to 2000s because teens are raising themselves, not having an adequate jobs or is not being lead in the direction.
These causes are the reason now that many cities all over this nation are building more jails to jail the youth. History is only repeated itself because in slavery times many African Americans were held back to be enslaved while working in the field but now many African Americans are being enslaved through the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system will move forward with placing youth in jail, if nothing isn’t done to curb them of wanting to commit crimes. Back in times, families were male headed and the man, while the mother stayed home to tend to the family but now families are becoming female headed household. In most cases, the female head of the house is working to take care of the families. This have led to teens becoming involved in illegal activity outside the home due to the fact that no one is home to be their overseer.
According to Youth Crime and Youth Justice, “Between the 1980s and the first decade of the 21st century, those people most vulnerable to criminal victimization and those most likely to victimize them were progressively thrown together in Britain’s poorest neighborh...

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...boring countries like Canada the criminal justice system deals with the problem head on.
Social workers have a role in policy making within the judicial system because it is their job to advocate for the right of the client. In the judicial system, social workers are here to empower policy makers to enact policy that will transform lives from negative to positive. Their role in the youth criminal justice system is be of a service to the youth in helping them find ways that can change turn them from becoming a statistics. It is the social work job to develop a plan of action and a new strategy on ways off living life with without being involved in the criminal justice system. According to the Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System, “Favor rehabilitation and treatment approaches, such as counseling, education, treatment, restitution, and community service (89%).”

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