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Policy Analysis Project On Lateral Violence Essays

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Policy Analysis Project on Lateral Violence (LV) among Nurses
This paper will discuss LV in the workplace; interview with a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) prepared nurse on the issue of LV among nurses, and policy analysis for the workplace lateral violence. According to Raynolds, Kelly, & Singh-Carson, (2014) LV is the act that transpires between peers or nurse-to-nurse where verbal abuse, aggression, incivility, or bullying occurs in a workplace. The healthcare settings should perpetuate tranquility, respectful and collaborative environment. However, It is important to understand that organizational stressors such as, inadequate staffing, emotional exhaustion, long working hours, is the most contributory factors to workplace LV. According to Budin, Brewer, Chao, and Kovner (2013), a workplace where the environment is positive and safe at all time, denotes that the principle of non-maleficent exists. Therefore, it is an obligatory measure for the health care leaders to maintain safety for the employees at all times. Given to the issue of LV in the healthcare settings, the writer conducted an interview with a professional colleague; Sarah Olagbeje, RN, DNP, EdD., to get her opinion pertaining to lateral violence against nurses. Doctor Olagbeje is a program director at Grace and Mercy healthcare services in Maryland. She has demonstrated commitment to providing patient care with more than thirty years of health care experiences in various health care settings. Having a broad experience in nursing practice has placed her in the position to address the issue of lateral violence that has polluted the nursing workplace.
Description of Policy Issue
LV encompasses the acts that ensue between colleagues at work place, wher...

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... the United States department of labor recognized workplace violence as hazardous event in the healthcare industry and in most cases, is unrecognized, and in most cases not reported (OSHA, 2015). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] (2015), the actual number of victims of LV in nursing is comparatively unknown. However, the latest studies assert that LV is common, accounting to 65%-80% of nurses surveyed. In addition, it is estimated that each year, 11,370 assaults occur in the health care settings. Among these numbers, about 2130 reported cases have occurred to nurses. In 1999, the rates of assaults that occur among healthcare worker have escalated to 8.3 per 10,000 workers. The inability of reporting lateral violence among nurses has led to laxity in implementing policy on lateral violence in various healthcare settings (Staton, 2015).

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