Policing The Lives Of Black And Latino Boys By Rios. Rios Essay

Policing The Lives Of Black And Latino Boys By Rios. Rios Essay

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In Punished: policing the lives of black and Latino boys author Rios, victor. Victor Rios grew up in the ghetto in the Oakland, California in the 1980s. Rios, a former gang member and juvenile delinquency. Rios managed to escape this trend of gang violent as a teen; he managed to escape the gang violent lifestyle from his peers. He provides us a with a depth overview of a three-year study of 40 minority youths, 30 of whom were previously arrested. The study was done in Oakland, California. Rios give us a clear overview inner city young Latino and African American. Rios emphasize on the difficult lives of these young men, who are faced with policies in their schools, communities, and policing. Importantly, he gives us a clear understanding of the vicious cycle that these young men are faced with. Rios, is trying to draw of what need to happen for these young men to be portrayed as criminals, harasses, and a vicious cycle of a criminal mindset.
To understand some these perception of young black and African American boys, Rios provide how the system criminalizes them and limit their full potential to get off this vicious cycle. Ultimately, he tries to argue that understanding the lifestyle, culture, and social structure that are criminalized, we can begin to understand and develop a solution to these social bias.

In the first chapter, “Dreams Deferred’ the patterns of punishment in Oakland Rios. To understand this approach, he maps the ways that the justice system stigmatized and killed these Latino and African American youth future dreams. Children, these young kids that could be future doctors, scientists, and engineers are forced by this punishment that could lead them to prison or even killed in the streets with n...

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...onomic structure, drugs, and poor explain why all these young boys struggle to find a stable balance.
What, then can school officials, people in the community, and police leaders learned from Punished: Policing the lives of Blacks and Latino Boys? Victor Rios “being criminalized from a young age had devastating consequences for boys in this study” (pp.158), about what can be done to challenge some of these false representations of these inner city youth. As Rios explains, he uncovered a “youth control complex made up of punitive interactions between young people and authority figures.
Finally, Rios explains how “this system shaped the ways in which young men developed worldviews about themselves and their social ecology” (pp.158), about what can we as a community and as people can do to reduce this punishment of these young African American and Latinos boy.

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