Policing Of Television On Prime Time Television Essay

Policing Of Television On Prime Time Television Essay

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In this article, written by D.M Soulliere, a professor at the University of Windsor, research is carried out to figure out how policing in television shows compares to policing in real life.
a) Citation
Soulliere, D. M. (2004). Policing on Prime-Time: A Comparison of Television and Real-World Policing. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 28(2), 215-233. doi:10.1007/bf02885873
b) This article asked the questions
How are police and policing activities depicted on prime time television? How do these presentations compare to how policing and policing activities really are? How are these portrayals distorted? What is the effect of any possible distortions?
c) To answer these questions, the researcher
Chose three popular television series at the time (based on Nielsen ratings), critical acclamation, and the shows must be shown in the time slots of 8:00 pm- 11:00 pm Eastern Time (Prime Time).
i. Two shows chosen were “entertainment based”.
1. Law and Order
2. NYPD Blue
ii. The other was “reality” based.
A total of 55 episodes of these three shows were analyzed: Law and Order- 23, NYPD Blue- 20 and COPS- 12 (three separate incidents per episode). Then the researcher collected data from the three shows based on the gender and race of officers shown, police organization and specialization, police response to crime and their role, policing tasks and activities and the success of police. After, coding guidelines were created that were used to assign content to their respective categories as well as to help maintain the validity and reliability of the content being used. Then, appropriate descriptive statistics were generated for quantitative data. Finally, the researchers used official statistics and literature to compare...

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... were significantly and positively related to trust in police. The coverage of police performance and interpersonal treatment played a larger role than procedural justice in predicting the framing of trust in police when the security threat was higher. Police performance and interpersonal treatment play a significantly role in predicting trust in police in the media. However, no significant effect was found for crime and clearance rates. This suggests that media framing of trust in police is not affected by trends of crime or the actual effectiveness of police performance.
e) Implications of the study
a. While this study did not take place in the United States, it does show that media has an effect on police all around the world. The study tells us that the media really only has an effect on the perception that people hold of police when the security threat is high.

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