Policing Is The Beginning Of The Justice System Essay

Policing Is The Beginning Of The Justice System Essay

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The criminal justice system was created to protect an individual’s rights and protect the society from people that are dangerous. In the last decade alone, the federal, state and local governments in the United States spent close to $200 billion to create a safe and strong Justice System.(AmericanCJSystem) The money was distributed to the parts that make up the Justice System: the police, the courts and the corrections. These components were to work together and address situations fairly. However, we hear more on the news about police officers abusing their power and making decisions that end up putting them in jail. How are we suppose to feel safe if the people supposedly “protecting us” are behind bars for committing crimes themselves? A system like this can not prosper when the people running it are corrupt.
Policing is the beginning of the Justice System Process. Policing was created during the time urbanization and industrialization in the Western world came about. What once started with a couple of watchmen guarding their town at night, has transformed into 17,000 public law enforcement agencies and supplying over a million people with jobs.(AmericanCJSystem) Police agencies consist of local police departments, sheriff’s departments, and state police, as well as 50 federal law enforcement agencies. The United States has one of the most diverse law enforcement agencies in the world. The most common law enforcement agency is the local police departments, such as the Greenberg Police Department, that enforce state laws.(AmericanCJSystem) The Sheriff department is apart of the local police department that operates on a country level: maintain jails and courtroom. Although there are many different departments they all share t...

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...ons and put it towards helping mentally ill people recover and capable of living among others.
The Justice System may be corrupt right now, but there are certainly people that have
the right intentions to solve these problems. Writing this paper I have learned a lot about problems that I’ve never been exposed to before. I hope that the changes that need to be made, are met. If these problems aren’t controlled I’m afraid what people will do with all their frustration and anger, they just want to be heard. And they can only be ignored for so long. Everyday there is another news story about a police officer abusing his power and sometimes even killing an innocent person. It is truly a terrible feeling knowing you can’t trust the people hired to protect you. Although it will never be a utopian society, civilians and police need to work together to at least feel safe.

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