Police Use of Force

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Abstract Police have the duty and responsibility to enforce the laws and ordinances within their jurisdiction, maintain order, and assist those within the community. Police officers protect property and lives (Duties & Responsibilities of Police Officers, 1975). In the course of duty, a police officer may use force when necessary. The International Association of Chiefs of Police has defined force as “that amount of effort required by police to compel compliance from an unwilling subject” (Police Use of Force in America 2001, 2001). The use of force is accepted as part of police work and is allowed until the force becomes excessive. Excessive force is defined as “the application of an amount and/or frequency of force greater than that required to compel compliance from a willing or unwilling subject” (Police Use of Force in America 2001, 2001). The use of excessive force may become a criminal act committed by a police officer. Police use of force is divided between non-lethal and lethal force. Non-lethal force is most commonly used by police officers, but lethal force may be necessary and acceptable to the situation. Non-lethal force includes physical force such as an officer placing a hand on an individual to show a position of authority and control, stun guns, batons, and bean-bag shots. Lethal force is most commonly the use of a firearm. The amount of force necessary is unique to each situation, may change as a situation evolves, and often depends on the experience level of the officer. Police Use of Force Use of force is an accepted part of police work, and is often a routine part of police work. The use of force is allowed by law until the force becomes excessive, at which point the action becomes criminal... ... middle of paper ... ...POLICE_USE_OF_FORCE. Htm Mesloh, C., Henych, M., & Wolf, R. (2008, September). Less lethal weapon effectiveness, use of force, and suspect & officer injuries: A five-year analysis. Retrieved Nov. 22, 2014, from National Criminal Justice Reference Service: http://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/224081.pdf Police Use of Force in America 2001. (2001). Retrieved Nov. 12, 2014, from CIRMAT.com: http://sashley.com/filessentbysteve/resources/police%20use%20of%20force%20in %20america%20-%202001.pdf The use-of-force continuum. (2009, August 4). Retrieved Nov. 22, 2014, from U.S. department of justice: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/nij/topics/law-enforcement/use-of-force/continuum.htm What is a body wrap restraint device. (2010, June 29). Retrieved Nov. 27, 2014, from Patrol Log: http://www.patrol-log.com/2010/06/29/what-is-a-body-wrap-restraint-high-tech-hog-tie/.

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