The Police Shot And Killed Jamar 's Death Has A Huge Impact On Minneapolis

The Police Shot And Killed Jamar 's Death Has A Huge Impact On Minneapolis

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was unarmed at the time of the shooting. Police shot and killed Jamar in order to protect themselves and others. There was a lot of talk about what really happened and why Jamar was shot. Jamar Clark’s death has had a huge impact on Minneapolis, every time in Minnesota and even turned into a national headline on media sites. Ever since Jamar Clark’s death there has been protests around Minnesota, most of which are organized the Black Lives Matters protester. There have been protests in and outside the Mall of America as well as the Minneapolis International Airport. The Minneapolis International Airport was even shut down for a short time recently. I think that there would have been protests in Duluth if black had more rights back in the nineteen twenties when the lynching’s happened. Back in the nineteen twenties, blacks felt like they would not protest because they didn’t want to get punished any further. If the lynching’s happened in a different time and different era, there is not doubt in my mind that people would have organized many protests against the people that committed the lynching’s as well as the Caucasians community in general.
Law Enforcement Officers
Something I noticed in the Lynching’s in Duluth book was that law enforcement officers just assume the males were guilty because they were African Americans and have a different skin color than the officers. While I think it was just because of the era that the crimes happened and because the so-called victim Sandra stated that the African American young males did it is why they arrested. I also think it happened because many Caucasians people did not like or respect black people during that era because they weren’t seen as equals. I have seen in history books and t...

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...n all over the united states and all over the world. In the 1920’s when the lynching’s in Duluth happened, it was the same because the police assumed that Africans Americans were the ones that committed the crimes and no one else. Resemblance to the lynching’s in Duluth can be seen in many different movies, TV shows and even books. While lynching’s may not have happened in this movies, shows or books, they had other forms of racism happen, similar to the racism that people may have experienced in Duluth in the 1920’s.
Hidden History
Sometimes people believe that everything that has happened in the history of the United States or even the world will be in the history books, even I can say I have thought that in the past. However, not everything is included in our history books or any other kinds of books and the lynching’s in Duluth are a great example of that. I have

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