Essay on Police Recklessness, Not Racism

Essay on Police Recklessness, Not Racism

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Fox, James. (2015, 9 August). Police recklessness, not racism. USA Today. Retrieved from
Fox begins by talking about how Michael Brown was killed by a police officer in Ferguson and how that shooting and his death, caused protests throughout the nation. Fox questions as to why there was police violence to begin with and he comes to the conclusion that the violence occurred out of recklessness and not racism. Fox writes that through research, African Americans are more likely to be killed by their own race and not by police officers. According to Fox, black lives do matter; however, it is not just the police who are killing them. They are also killing themselves and therefore, not all police officers are racist.
Fox presents an entirely different perspective than found through the other articles
that have been examined. Through the other articles, such as through the eyes of Alang and Childress, police officers are racist and are discriminating against people of color. Fox gives another idea, and because of this, new ways of how to find a solution against police officers being “reckless” and not “racist” rise. However, Fox’s theory does not answer the question as to why so many police officers are killing blacks and not whites.
Friedersdorf, Conor. (2015, April 22, 2015). The brutality of police culture in Baltimore. The
Atlantic. Retrieved from
Friedersdorf explores how there is much police brutality going on throughout the world and there is much homicidal misconduct of law enforcement. It has become a culture of...

... middle of paper ...

... has been collected prior, because it interrelates with them.
Wingfield, Adina Harvey. (2015, September 13). Color-blindness is counterproductive. The
Atlantic. Retrieved from
Wingfield’s article explores a new concept from sociologists that being “color-blindness” actually allows for discrimination between races. Being color-blind makes people not address that there are actually differences between races when it comes to inequality. Sociologists, however, need to look at all the “microaggressions” that are occurring in America.
The idea of “color-blindness” is introduced again through Wingfield. The idea of “color-blindness” gives the idea that people are not actually understanding each other and this could be part of the reason for discrimination between races today.

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