Police Protection Is The Most Significant Responsibility Of Local Government

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Police protection is the most significant responsibility of local government, at least in terms of the economic resources it takes to protect its citizens. Keeping citizens safe is the role of the government, whether at the national level or local level. Community policing utilize a proactive approach in developing ongoing relationships with citizens in an effort to engage them in helping fighting crime in their communities. Officers have a presence in the community and organize and attend community meetings to engage the public to serve their needs. This allows for better coordination and conformity when decisions are made. Decisions are made with the best information available and are consistent with rational economic and social awareness. Budgets are critical to the well being of the community. The aggregate demand relies on increase in government spending and has significant impacts on countering a recession (Aikins, 2015). The increases serve to fund the services and the goods available to the public while ensuring resources are efficiently and effectively employed. Budgets involve the coordinating efforts by legislature, agents and the constituents with community goals and objectives essential to executing the responsibilities assigned to the reach public policy intensions. The public wants goods and services for its tax dollars. The political response is to agree to contract terms and fund the appropriate programs to make a difference in the community. The cost to the local communities is significant in terms of the social costs to citizens and the local governments’ ability to fund social policy to help mitigate issues with community policing. Economic downturns impact reallocation of funds to alleviate the burden on local... ... middle of paper ... ...ement with the police can lead to black residents being caught in the never-ending cycle of fines and court fees designed to enrich city coffers, sometimes at the cost of their livelihood and even their freedom (Heath, 2015). The collaboration within the community to achieve order through policies enacted to create fundamentally sound engagement with the community while seeking to employ non-arresting methods to create approaches to stop civil disorder has resulted in the exact opposite outcome. The systematic approach to social disorder has resulted in high incarcerations rates for relatively minor infractions. There are also other externalized costs borne by the city, and taxpayers more broadly, when an arrest and criminal record leads an individual down the all-too-common spiral of multiple subsequent arrests, incarceration, and unemployment (Palow, 2012 p.1205).

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