Police Officers Should Be Restricted On Duty Essay

Police Officers Should Be Restricted On Duty Essay

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There are a few thoughts on how a police officer should conduct him or herself while on duty. Their also have been many debates on the aggressiveness and intent that a police officer may have while pursuing a law breaking citizen. Many people believe that officers are racial bias when dealing with these people. Some may even say that everything is racial based. In some cases this is true and others it is not. The discussion that will be going on here today is weather police officers should be restricted on how much force they should use while chasing after a law breaking citizens or should officers even have a limit on the amount of force they use when dealing with someone that breaks the law.

Their has been so much opposition on how police handle themselves while on the job many people think that the police are to aggressive when dealing with these types of people they want everything to be fair, but it really can not be always be just strictly fair. The laws of this country was set in place so that we have a guideline to follow that is why we have police officers so that we will not have anarchy in our society. In some parts of our country our police system has been corrupted as stated by Obama himself in the Rose Garden " I think we as a country need to do some soul searching"(Von Drehele,34). Obama was referring to the incident of Freddie Gray and how the Baltimore police department has been carrying themselves throughout the years. Freddie Gray was arrested and put into a police van and about an hour or so later came out with his spinal cord severed (Von Drehele,34). Obama was not necessarily irritated with just the Baltimore police department he was also upset that the news people only go out and search for the bad they onl...

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...ld use more aggression because if they did people would have more of a respect for them because right now people do not really fear the police many are just worried about a speeding ticket or a traffic ticket, but people need to have a real fear because if they did many people would not commit as many crimes as they are doing right now. If police were trained in more aggression their would be less police deaths each year because if the system can train these officers the right way their would be less deaths each year. Obama brought to light a big reason for aggression in this society it starts young it starts at the homes of the young kids because at these homes the children are being

taught right from wrong. In some cases this is not necessarily true because in the low end neighbor hoods the kids are being taught by street gangs and that only leads to more violence.

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