Police Officers Are Corrupt, Unhelpful, And Untrustworthy ( Hanser ) Essay

Police Officers Are Corrupt, Unhelpful, And Untrustworthy ( Hanser ) Essay

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short or detailed in words, police investigators will need some type of record to thoroughly follow up and investigate the crime. Having more Asian-American presence on the police force will not only help solve the aforementioned violent crimes, but it could also break down a preexisting mentality that American police officers are corrupt, unhelpful, and untrustworthy (Hanser & Gomila, 2015).
Alongside with other ethnic groups, Asians also experience racial profiling, police brutality and harassment (Shusta et al., 2011). The aforementioned police actions has detract many Asian-Americans towards a career in law enforcement; furthermore, it also brings back preexisting distrust and animosity that many Asian immigrants held about law enforcement back in their native countries (Scaramella et al., 2011). Law enforcement agencies report reluctance among prospective Asian-American individuals to lean towards a career in police work (Gaines & Kappeler, 2014). Similarly, studies from Shusta et al., (2011), indicate that the “reluctance of young people to apply for careers in law enforcement is the paramilitary structure of most agencies, a rigid hierarchy that is unappealing to today’s youth” (p. 85). The thought of entering a structured paramilitary organization along with high cultural expectations from parents, second and third generation Asian-Americans are reluctant to join a police force. Asian communities, particularly first generation refugees, have to overcome an ingrained cultural reluctance to encourage their children to pursue a career in law enforcement.
Statement of the Problem
The problems that will be examined in this thesis pertain to the underrepresentation of Asian-American officers within U.S. law enforcement age...

... middle of paper ...

...mportance of the relationship between Asian communities and law enforcement agencies (Hanser & Gomila, 2015).
Research Hypotheses or Questions
This thesis is designed to answer the following three questions:
1. Why are Asian-Americans underrepresented in U.S. police departments?
2. What challenges do police recruiters face when recruiting prospective Asian candidates?
3. How can law enforcement agencies address common barriers among the Asian community in order to develop a diverse police force?
Importance of the Study
It is a challenging task to recruit a diverse police force in the 21st century due to various barriers that may undermine diversity at every stage of the recruiting, hiring, and selection process. The following barriers include but are not limited to: (1) lack of trust; (2) preconceived biases; (3) discrimination; and (4) underrepresentation. Law

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