Police Officers And Body Cameras Essay

Police Officers And Body Cameras Essay

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Police officer and body cameras

Police officers with their body cameras: a history and back ground paper to answer the question if should all police officers wear body cameras, it is important to first look at the history and back ground of the topic. According to article of Journal of quantitative criminology, writers Ariel, Farrar, Sutherland, Body cameras have been given a new eye opener to people about the excessive use of force against their community members. Arial, Farrar, and Sutherland in the article state “The effect of police body warn cameras on use of force and citizens’ complaints against the police: A randomize controlled trial” describe their observation as:
Police use-of-force continues to be a major source of international concern, inviting interest from academics and practitioners alike. Whether justified or unnecessary/excessive, the exercise of power by the police can potentially tarnish their relationship with the community. Police misconduct can translate into complaints against the police, which carry large economic and social costs. (Ariel, Farrar and Sutherland).
As more police officers continue to use excessive use of force towards people it is becoming the topic being discusses throughout the public media. Arial, Farrar, and Sutherland briefly explain that the complains of police officers are being situated as a big problem than what it seems. The police and the victims of this abuse suffer some concern with in when it comes to the brutality they endure while being in the passion of a police officer. Implicating body cameras.
These implications to body cameras are a reason to why they are necessary among the police According to the internet website, “The Cato institutes, National P...

... middle of paper ...

...n that is big detained. what should the body cameras be enable to do such as audio recording.
Although the concerns of the new technology rising awareness of one’s privacy many thought that it would be a possible solution in ending accusations on police brutality and the people. According to Harvard law review, Considering police body cameras, “The American Civil liberties union (ACLU) also repeatedly voiced its supporters of widespread adoption of this new technology, heralding body cameras as win-win as long as civilians privacy remained properly protected” (3). As the rise of police body cameras began to become more of a suggestion there were some concerns as to the expensive these cameras coast. However, they remain as a good example that help stop use of force with in the police.

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