Police Officer Is The Incident With Mr. Terrence Crutcher Essay

Police Officer Is The Incident With Mr. Terrence Crutcher Essay

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Once again in the United States of America, another police officer has killed another civilian. The specific case that I saw was the incident with Mr. Terrence Crutcher. As many news stations reported he was walking with his hands up and putting them onto his car before being fatally shot by a police officer. Something that I find particularly disgusting with this incident is how the police officers were talking about Mr. Crutcher. A police officer was quoted saying, “ that looks like a bad dude too, could be on something.” As discussed in class the role of the police is usually to protect and maintain social order. One of the many consequences from yet another police officer fatally shooting an unarmed civilian is creating civil protest and a reason for unrest. In this situation, the officers created more national protest and a debate about racism, whereas the situation could have been easily avoided. The police may reconcile demands for equal treatment with realities and perceptions of social differences by looking at the facts and the current issues in today’s society with the police. For instance, in the US there happens to be a growing percentage of incidents between the police and minority groups. The police could go through further training to learn how to deal with these groups as it seems their current tactics and methods are not sufficient enough. I believe that assuming that certain minority groups need “less” or “more” policing as problematic. By trying to figure out whether a specific group needs more or less, another social minority along with their issues may be ignored. Nonetheless, this can also cause some unrest as certain groups feel, as they are being policed and targeted more. An example of this can be drawn f...

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...e stopped and searched frequently have less trust in the justice system to compared to people who are not stopped and searched as frequently. This will lead to the issue of the willingness to cooperate with members of the justice system when they are called upon. Many view this issue along with the justice system’s unwillingness to look into these frequent stop and searches on the African Canadian/American community as a form of racism, democratic racism to be exact. Wortley and Bempah believe that democratic racism does occur in Canada as the Canadian’s government unofficial ban on the collection and dissemination of race-based criminal justice statistics provides an excellent example of democratic racism. Without collecting these statistics it is hard to statistically support the idea that there is an issue between the police and members of visible minority groups.

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