Police Officer Has Too Much Power Essay

Police Officer Has Too Much Power Essay

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Police officers are trained by specific rules in the academy how to handle dangerous situations and how to prevent victims. Police officers in dangerous and extreme situations have to make split-second decisions about what to do next: fire their weapon or not. In recent years, many unarmed people were killed by police officers which made US nation to raise questions about whether the police make right decisions or whether the police have too much power. Since people don’t know by what rules police officers are trained to handle certain issues, we wonder why did the police officer killed an unarmed person and why the police officer didn’t do something else to prevent a dangerous situation or a person. Cedric Alexander, veteran police chief, in the interview for CNN said that if someone is causing a danger, police officer has to shoot him in the area where the most important organs are and stop this person (Visser, 2016). Most of the time this dangerous person dies immediately. Alexander also said that a police officer has to shoot at the person’s chest because this is how most likely to take a person down and stop him (Visser, 2016). Therefore, if the police officer will shoot at the dangerous person’s shoulder for example, this person still can shoot at the police officer or people who are the closest to the dangerous person.
James Boyd
James Boyd was a 38-year-old homeless man who was camping illegally in the Sandia Mountains, New Mexico and killed by police officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez on March 16, 2014. Every person can watch online the whole situation since one of the police officers, who was present at this situation, had a video camera on top of his head and filmed what was happening between police o...

... middle of paper ...

...eath of Eric Garner, 2014).
There are many debates whether the police make right choices in certain dangerous situations or whether the police have too much power. The best solution for any person, who happened to be a suspect for a police, is to comply to the police and surrender to avoid any bad outcomes. Later, with lawyers in the police station every issue will resolve and if a suspect is innocent, police will let him or her go. All this will prevent any tragic consequences. The society has to remember that not complying to the police when they tell you so, will cause many troubles. Police officers are trained to follow certain rules but in situations where a police officer has to make a very quick decision about what to do, how to stop something/someone dangerous, there is no time for the police officer to think about right steps and consequences.

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