Police Misconduct And Procedures Of Police Brutality Essay

Police Misconduct And Procedures Of Police Brutality Essay

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In the wake of the events in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been more and more discussion about police misconduct and procedures that could reduce the amount of police brutality related deaths. The country has reached a boiling point and something has to be done. Uniform-mounted body cameras are one solution that has been proposed many times, with some opposition. There are people who oppose this idea on the basis that it infringes on the rights of police officers, however, having police officers wear mounted body cameras is not an outrageous request and may even be necessary. In most job settings, the employee is under some sort of surveillance, why should police officers be any different? The police as a whole do not have a great track record: they are not unified, there has been “failure to keep national statistics on police brutality” (Curriden), and they are often not held accountable for their actions. Requiring police officers to wear body cameras while on duty would cut down on the amount of misconduct that occurs within the police force and studies show that body cameras are effective as a means of preventing this thoughtless behavior.
On August 9, 2014, a young, unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer, Darren Wilson. In the following months after the shooting, there has been a lot dispute over what exactly happened that night - there were several eye witnesses and Darren Wilson’s testimony did not quite add up - however, despite the mounting evidence and suspicions that were swirling around Darren Wilson, he was not indicted. Whether or not he was acting in self-defense, he still did not follow procedure. There have been hundreds of cases of police misconduct throughout the United...

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...d no justice being served, the country is in an uproar. This sort of thing keeps happening over and over again, and the country has reached another boiling point. The issue of race is long from over, as Jon Stewart said in a broadcast shortly after the death of Eric Garner “[w]e are definitely not living in a post-racial society. And I can imagine there are a lot of people out there wondering how much of a society we are living in at all.” It is important to note that even though police cameras would cut down on the misconduct that permeates the system, this country is not past racism and even with visual footage such as with Rodney King, or more recently, Eric Garner, the problem is not seeing it with our own eyes. However, despite this fact, I think that having police officers on camera while on duty would do a lot to ease the tension that is felt by all Americans.

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