Essay Police Misconduct And Its Effect On Society

Essay Police Misconduct And Its Effect On Society

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Police misconduct is as rampant as ever in America, and it has become a fixture of the news cycle. Police brutality is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose. The media is inevitably drawn toward tales of conflict, hence why there are so many crime and police stories on the news. Despite the increasing frequency of misbehaving cops, many Americans still maintain a high respect for the man in uniform. Still, police misconduct is a systemic problem, not just an anecdotal one. Here are some reasons why it is a problem. First, many departments don’t provide adequate training in nonviolent solutions. With this, police are unfamiliar with what to do in a non-violent situation, often resorting to violence as an easy way out. Second, standards for what constitutes as brutality vary widely. Excess is in the eye of the beholder, and what seems like a routine arrest to one could look like an act of brutality to another. Next is that the consequences for misconduct or minimal for officers. Only one out of every three accused cops are convicted nationwide, while the conviction rate for civilians is literally double that. Failure to remedy this police/civilian double standard cultivates an abuse-friendly legal environment. With these reasons for why police brutality is such a problem, they pose one more statement.The use of excessive violent force in police work is not necessary because the use of brutality leaves lasting physical wounds, psychological wounds and it encourages racism.
Before being able to understand the complications and the issues with police brutality, one must first understand the structure and the background of police brutality. Crime is a part of society encompases ...

... middle of paper ... gain knowledge of the paper before reading the arguments. Next, injuries and deaths related to police misconduct were researched. Not only were physical injuries prevalent, also psychological wounds played a big factor with victims as well. Lastly, the media and racial profiling were studied in relation to police brutality. Studies show that the media helps fuel the fire of police brutality, creating a bad image for the boys in blue. Statistics also showed that African Americans were the main target of police brutality, an active example of racial profiling. Many facts and few opinions were stated in this paper, making it a believable and convincing paper. As racism, physical and psychological injuries increase by the police, there must be an active effort to stop it. If the problem is not handled from the source, America might fall under the night stick of truth.

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