Essay on Police Enforcement And The Law Enforcement

Essay on Police Enforcement And The Law Enforcement

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The recruitment of minorities is a big issue that surrounds many law enforcement agencies today. Agencies lack an appropriate number of blacks and women in their departments. With so many issues surrounding law enforcement today, it is imperative that administrators increase recruitment efforts and ensure that all people are represented in law enforcement ranks.
Today, there are a lack of a sufficient amount of blacks in law enforcement. “Blacks are among the minority groups that is under-represented in policing” (Kringen 16). This evidence proves that there is a need for more blacks in the law enforcement ranks. “According the US Census Bureau, nationally blacks make up 13.6% of the population” (Kringen 16). “However, Reaves says that, Black officers make up only 11.9% of sworn police personnel across the nation (Kringen 16).
The lack of blacks serving as police officers is a law enforcement management issue is many ways. For one, with so many issues surrounding community policing in black communities, there is a need for more black officers to work in those communities. On the other hand, I believe there needs to be qualified blacks that are chosen to be police officers. I am not suggesting that by simply hiring black officers and putting those to work in black communities will solve police relations in these areas. Instead, I think that when young people see that a great number of the people who protect them look like them, and then they feel safer. This is because they feel that a black officer can relate to them and there will be very few communication barriers during their interaction. Law enforcement executives at the state and federal level deal with a tough challenge today in hiring qualified blacks.
Some blacks just ...

... middle of paper ... leave out a specific group of people in employment or fails to put forth an acceptable effort to recruit individuals from different walks of life. “Various mechanisms or practices are in place in agencies around the country that are geared toward attracting women and minorities to the applicant pool and/or to increasing the likelihood of their hire” (Jordan 339). This information serves as evidence that law enforcement administrators acknowledge that the recruitment of minorities and females are an issue for law enforcement as a whole, and they are taking steps to rectify the issue.
There are many strategies that I would utilize in order to attract more minorities and women to my agency, if I were a law enforcement executive. For one, I would start recruiting black and Hispanics at a young age, as young as their eight grade year in middle school. This is because

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