Essay on Police Deviance And Its Effect On Society

Essay on Police Deviance And Its Effect On Society

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Police work in general pose the potential for gradual deterioration of ethics and an increased sense of deviance, which leaves the opening for the "dark" side of criminal justice involving putting up with conditions of deviant behaviors. Although police deviance can range out with a broader spectrum then police corruption, it still includes all acts that are inconsistent with norms, values, and ethics. This corruption leads to the misuse of authority, which leads to personal gain. Deviance in a police force is bad because it undermines the integrity of policing as a whole which then leads too hiring and training candidates in the same manner that leads to issues, such as the rotten-apple argument; an officer alone is deviant and it was simply a mistake to hire him or her; or rotten bushels; which are groups of officers banding together to commit deviant acts that have been entrenched in police conduct by being passed down thru generations. These are weak individuals who have slipped through the screening process or have fallen into the temptations in police work.
In both the article and our text the way police deviance, is described through the different types of deviance ; gratuities, on-duty use of drugs and alcohol, graft, sexual misconduct, criminal cops, professional courtesy, and excessive force; is very similar. While the article takes each aspect and compares it through the different areas of culture and environment, the book really expounds on each area of corruption into a larger picture with in depth explanation.
A subculture is a group of individuals who generally share attitudes, perceptions, assumptions, values, beliefs, ways of living, and traditions. Police subculture can sometimes hinder the development of ethics...

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... being presented, as well as correct the application of the key principles being taught. In a majority of ethics training, the concepts of ethics, morality, and virtue are often used interchangeably, which is wrong because each of these topics highlights vastly different concepts that actually work while interacting with each other. Appropriate education and training in police ethics, good moral climate in police organization, appropriate social network both within the organization and within the community, trust and support, can all both motivate police officers to strive for integrity and help them achieve it. Once this is achieved, the integrity of police officers is one of the most important steps toward professionalism of policing, and one of the most powerful antidotes to police corruption, brutality, neglect of human rights, and other forms of police deviance.

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