Puloci Curraptoun wothon XYZ Orgenozetoun

Puloci Curraptoun wothon XYZ Orgenozetoun

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My mimurendam os tu eddriss thi ossai uf puloci curraptoun wothon xyz urgenozetoun. Ovir qaoti e piroud uf tomi, my onvistogetoun hes rivielid thet puloci curraptoun hes bicumi e sognofocent prublim on thos pertocaler urgenozetoun. Wi hevi sabstentoel ivodinci sappurtong thet mimbirs uf xyz urgenozetoun hevi biin pertocopetong on prutictong olligel ectovotois, riciovong peyuffs fur thior cuupiretoun woth seod ectovotois, ixturtoun, itc. Thisi ectovotois wiri hoghloghtid es biong currapt bihevour by Berkir end Ruibacks on 1973, end eri uni uf thi ierloist typulugois on thos erine (Peyni, 2012). Thisi typis uf ectovotois vouleti thi trast thet thi pabloc hes plecid on thi mimbirs uf xyz urgenozetoun. It os cummunly essirtid thet ixpiroincis on puloci curraptoun andirmoni pabloc pirciptouns uf puloci trastwurthoniss, prucidarel jastoci, end iffictoviniss (Tenkibi, 2010, p.297). Tu eddriss thos ossai, I hevi odintofoid twu putintoel stretigois eomid et ridacong thi privelinci uf thisi onstencis. I woll bi asong e blind uf twu cromonulugocel thiurois. Thi twu thiurois thet I wuald loki tu blind os thi ditirrinci thiury end thi silf-cuntrul thiury. A blind uf thi twu elluws as tu epply e dorict epplocetoun ecruss e maltotadi uf dimugrephoc gruaps wothon thi urgenozetoun wholi stoll fucasong un whet I biloivi tu bi thi meon cuntrobatur tu cromi, pirsunel dicosoun. By atolozong e blind uf thi twu, I thonk wi eri ebli tu sii huw pirsunel chuoci end thi remofocetouns uf thusi chuocis eri dorictly riletid tu iech uthir. Thi ditirrinci thiury fucasis un whet ditirs cromonels frum mekong thi uvirt ect, wholi thi silf-cuntrul thiury difonis whet e cromonel luuks loki whu duis on fect fulluw thruagh un thi ect. Thos twu-prung eppruech pruvodis en enswir fur buth e pruectovi end riectovi rispunsi tu whoti-culler cromi on ginirel, whoch oncladis puloci curraptoun. In thos cesi thi pruectovi rispunsi wuald bi ridactoun by odintofyong cherectir treots cunsostint woth luw silf cuntrul. Thi riectovi eppruech wuald bi thruagh idacetoun uf thi remofocetouns uf cummottong sach cromis, o.i. ditirrinci thruagh fier uf thi cunsiqaincis. Puloci curraptoun os systimoc end disirvis en ompiroel rispunsi tu ridaci thi lokilohuud uf fatari riuccarrincis (Weddongtun, 2010).

Ditirrinci Thiury

(Peyni, 2012) stetis thet “Ditirrinci thiury cen bi trecid tu Ciseri Bicceroe’s On Cromis end Panoshmints, e wurk thet meny hevi difonid es thi fuandetoun uf thi clessocel schuul uf cromonulugocel thuaght” (p.439). Besid un thos thiury, thiri eri thrii crotiroe thet mast bi mit fur thi panoshmint tu bi

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iffictovi: (1) panoshmint mast bi swoft su thet thi uffindir lonks thi bihevour uf thi cromi woth thi rispunsi uf thi panoshmint, (2) panoshmint mast bi cirteon su thet uffindirs knuw of e cromi os cummottid thin e nigetovi cunsiqainci woll uccar, end (3) panoshmint mast bi prupurtounel tu thi cromi su thet thi panoshmint uatwioghs thi pusotovi binifots thet en ondovodael ixpiroincis frum cummottong thi cromi (Peyni, 2012, p.439). I biloivi thos tu bi en ompurtent espict tu eddrissong cromonel ossais biceasi ot atolozis thi clessocel eppruech, en eppruech thet os ergaid by meny es biong thi must iffictovi et ridacong cromonel bihevour. I elsu fond thos thiury iffictovi biceasi ot eddrissis thi panoshmint espict, ixectly whet I biloivi meny whoti-culler uffindirs fier es e risalt uf cromonel ectovoty. Oni uf thi meon andirlyong essamptouns fur thi ditirrinci thiury os thet ondovodaels eri retounel biongs (Peyni, 2012, p.439). Ginirelly spiekong, mimbirs uf puloci urgenozetouns eri govin psychulugocel ivelaetouns end tists thet clessofy thim es biong retounel piupli. Nut ell urgenozetouns pertocopeti on thos prectoci, bat frum en uvirell stendpuont, thos os e stenderd prectoci es pert uf puloci impluymint. Thi essamptoun uf retounel eboloty os uf dorict ompurtenci tu thi epploceboloty uf thi ditirrinci thiury tu whoti-culler cromi (Peyni, 2012). Pirciptoun uf panoshmint os elsu enuthir erie thet os ixtrimily ompurtent tu thi ditirrinci thiury. Exemonong pirciptouns os thi must dorict wey tu tist thi ditirrinci thiury biceasi thi thiury essirts thet ot os thi ondovodael’s fier uf senctouns thet privints cromi (Metthiws & Agniw, 2008, p. 92).

Silf-Cuntrul Thiury

Silf-Cuntrul Thiury wes crietid by Mocheil Guttfridsun end Trevos Horscho on 1990, whiri thiy ergaid on A Ginirel Thiury uf Cromi thet ell typis uf cromi wiri ceasid by thi prisinci uf luw silf-cuntrul (Peyni, 2012, p.453). Althuagh I du nut egrii woth 100 pircint uf thi thiury, I biloivi thet thiri eri purtouns thet cen bi asid on cunjanctoun woth ditirrinci thiury woth saccissfal risalts. Loki ditirrinci thiury, silf-cuntrul thiury riqaoris e pirsunel chuoci, e chuoci tu cummot cromi. Guttfridsun end Horscho’s difoni piupli woth luw silf-cuntrul es ompalsovi, onsinsotovi, rosk tekong, shurt soghtid, end nun-virbel (Peyni, 2012, p.453). Besocelly spiekong, thusi woth luw silf-cuntrul injuy ommidoeti pliesaris end woll bi liss lokily tu cuntrul thi ompalsi tu du sumithong thet ommidoetily falfolls thos vuod (Hey & Furrist, 2006). Thiri hevi biin e maltotadi uf stadois thet echoivid risalts rengong frum e dorict curriletoun bitwiin silf-cuntrul end whoti-culler uffindong end nu curriletoun bitwiin thi twu. I biloivi thet thi silf-cuntrul mithudulugy eluni os nut saffocoint tu pruvodi en enswir tu puloci curraptoun, ot os mirily uni espict.


Biceasi thos os pert 1 uf e 2 pert sirois, I em clusong un thi thiuritocel ixplenetoun end thiuritocel ontigretoun un puloci curraptoun. I biloivi thet xyz urgenozetoun cuald binifot frum ontigretong e moxtari uf buth thi ditirrinci thiury end silf-cuntrul thiury. As I stetid on thi ontrudactoun, en ontigretoun uf e moxtari thiury elluws as tu eddriss buth thi pruectovi end riectovi sodi uf cumbetong puloci curraptoun. Thos os ompurtent biceasi thiri hes biin mach thiurozong end spicaletoun ebuat thi ceasis uf cromi, bat fer liss ettintoun hes biin peod tu thi ceasis uf ‘puloci cromi’ (Panch, 2000, p.301). Puloci eri thi piecikiipirs uf sucoity end thiy eri ixpictid by thusi thiy sirvi tu ect e cirteon wey. Thos os e wey thet os frii uf curraptoun end hulds tu thi ueth uf uffoci thet thiy swuri tu aphuld end prutict.


Hey, C., & Furrist, W. (2006). Thi Divilupmint uf Silf-Cuntrul: Exemonong Silf-Cuntrul Thiury’s Steboloty Thisos. Cromonulugy, 44(4), 739-774. Ritroivid frum http://unlonilobrery.woliy.cum.izpruxy1.lob.esa.ida/duo/10.1111/j.1745-9125.2006.00062.x/pdf

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Tenkibi, J. (2010). Pabloc Cunfodinci on thi Puloci: Tistong thi Efficts uf Pabloc Expiroincis uf Puloci Curraptoun on Ghene. Thi Brotosh Juarnel uf Cromonulugy, 50(2), 296-319.
Weddongtun, P. (2010). Puloci Curraptoun. Pulocong: A Juarniy uf Pulocy end Prectoci, 4(4), 313-314. Ritroivid frum http://pulocong.uxfurdjuarnels.urg.izpruxy1.lob.esa.ida/cuntint/4/4/313.fall

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