Police Corruption And The Law Enforcement Essay examples

Police Corruption And The Law Enforcement Essay examples

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Michael Johnston defines police corruption as actions that “exploit the powers of law enforcement in
return for considerations of private-regarding benefit and that violate formal standards
governing his or her conduct. Corrupt acts, John Kleinig writes elsewhere, occur wherever
officers “act with the primary intention of furthering private or departmental advantage. What makes corrupt acts egoistic is that their underlying motivation is personal gain.By virtue of their authority, discretion, and the nature of their everyday work, police officers are routinely placed in situations where personal advantage can easily be furthered through unethical and even illegal means. As one might imagine, examples of acts motivated by personal gain are numerous. In his Police Ethics: Crisis in Law Enforcement, for instance, Tom Barker offers the following typology of police corruption:
Corruption of Authority. Accepting unearned rewards for doing one’s regular duties, includ-
ing free meals, liquor, sex, discounts of various sorts from businesses, and payments from
businesses to more closely monitor premises.Also, they get kickbacks for receiving goods or services for referring business to attorneys or bondmen. They are opportunistic thefts, and they stealing money or property from suspects or victims, goods not taken by a burglar, evidence that has been confiscated (e.g., drugs or money from drug busts). They do Shakedowns, and accepting money or other forms of payment for not making an arrest. They protect criminals from Illegal Activities. Law enforcement sometimes accepting money from vice operators or companies operating illegally. They accept money or other rewards for overlooking traffic violations, quashing prosecution proceedings by, f...

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...isfeasance the improper performance of some acts that an official might do. Such as accepting of gratuities in exchange for special privileges, selectively offering formal rewards and punishments for a fee, and the misuse of
state resources for personal gain.the second one is malfeasance the direct misconduct of public official or employee.This include corrupt acts as theft, embezzlement, trafficking in contraband, extortion, assisting escapes, and conspiring with inmates in forgery, drug, or counterfeiting rings. misfeasance,malfeasance and nonfeasance these does not involve the commission of unethical or unlawful acts. is the “failure to act according to one’s responsibilities, or the omission of an act that an official ought to perform.” Nonfeasance may include not reporting inmate violations and may
also include not reporting violations of other employees.

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