Essay on Police Brutality Throughout The United States

Essay on Police Brutality Throughout The United States

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Racial tensions in the United States have been particularly strained in the last year or two. Viral videos of police officers gunning down unarmed black men, use of a “chokehold” that caused the death of a man, and the use of a “rough ride” that caused the death of another young man in police custody. All of these things have attributed to the most significant outrage and acknowledgment of police brutality since Rodney King. Police brutality cannot simply be dismissed as anti-police rhetoric; research supports the existence of police brutality in the field and in court. The existence of police brutality is brought on by racial and class differences, the inability for court systems to categorize police brutality as systematic, and certain policies that take rights away from citizens and cause police officers to view citizens as the enemy rather than the people they are supposed to protect and serve.
Police brutality doesn 't just exist in the form of killing unarmed people. Police brutality exists through a variety of different problems that allow the other problems to continue and sometimes thrive. A proper definition of police brutality and racism are necessary for a better understanding of this issue. Police brutality is defined as “conscious, venal, usually concealed, directed toward those of marginal credibility and status.” (Bandes n.d.). Racism is defined as “an ideology, or belief system, designed to justify and rationalize racial and ethnic inequality” (Chaney & Robertson 2013). With these definitions in mind, discussing their issues that allow police brutality to exist become easier to comprehend. One of these issues is War on Drugs policies that directly affect minority groups more severely. Between 1982 and 2007, “the ...

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...of proportion with their percentage of the local driving population. They also found that police officers searched black drivers and their vehicles twice as often as White drivers, despite the fact that illegal drugs and weapons were found significantly more often on White drivers (Lafraniere & Lehren 2015). They also found that black drivers were stopped more often for no discernible reason, and that police officers were more likely to use force if the driver was black, even if the driver put up no physical resistance (Lafraniere & Lehren 2015). North Carolina collects the most comprehensive traffic stop data, and the fact that these significant racial disparities exist in the data collected here has serious implications. Were other states just as comprehensive with their collection of traffic stop data, it’s likely that a systematic pattern of racial profiling would

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