Police Brutality Is Not A New Issue Essay

Police Brutality Is Not A New Issue Essay

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Police officers make split-second decisions every time they interact with a suspect. These decisions can impact the lives of the officers, the suspects, and even civilians. Therefore, officers must decide when it is necessary to exert violent or lethal force to subdue a suspect. When the police use force, it can result in the death of the suspect or witnesses. However, failing to apply force in a confrontation, can endanger the officer or allow the suspect to allude police custody. Officers receive training in observing a situation and reading body language, so that they can assess a suspect’s threat. When an officer ignores their training and uses excessive or deadly force against an unarmed or yielding civilian, it is police brutality. Police brutality is not a new issue, but an increase of media coverage has escalated the public concern for victims. Research shows that police brutality is receiving more media coverage and cases are becoming more common.
The use of force is a routine aspect of nearly every detainment; it is the officer’s civic duty to exert only the force required. An officer is trained to assess a situation and distinguish the appropriate force to exert. However, some officers ignore this training and use excessive amounts of force to detain their suspects. Excessive force is when an officer attacks or mistreats a suspect that has surrendered or is unarmed. Brutality often occurs when an officer reaches for his gun, before the nonlethal alternative. The use of Tasers and other nonlethal weapons has been proven to reduce the rate of injury for both the suspect and the officer. For instance, an analysis of more than 24,000 force altercations, from 12 law enforcement agencies, showed that injuries decreased 60% w...

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...trying to fix the issue. Police departments are requiring Officers to wear a body camera while on duty. This new technology will help, but implementing them is a slow process and some cases could still go undocumented. Although police brutality exposure has escalated to its zenith in recent years, records and statistics are not consistent with an escalation in occurrences.

In today’s society people’s beliefs are ultimately driven by the media. Police brutality is not a new issue, but the increase of media coverage has brought the issue to the attention of the public. Police officers manage split second decisions every day, but some officers take the use of force too far. These officers break their oaths and use excessive force on unarmed, and sometimes innocent, civilians. Police brutality is an issue of increasing concern to the media that is continuing to grow.

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