Essay on Police Brutality Influenced By Racism

Essay on Police Brutality Influenced By Racism

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The laws surrounding law enforcement don’t go far enough to prevent them from killing unarmed people of color. With all of the stories hitting the news recently, it leads me to ask a very important question; is police brutality influenced by racism? With proper research, the truth comes out, yes it is. To further provide evidence to that answer I will show proven statistics on the increase of police brutality among minorities as well as notable cases that pertain to excessive force by law enforcement. Lastly, I will shed light on how this dilemma can be somewhat situated.
In recent years, it seems that police brutality has increased among people of color, or at least the media is giving it the attention it never received before. The question is, would statistics really be able to show this increase? According to the Bureau Justice of Statistics, between 2003 and 2009, the total number of arrest-related deaths among minorities totaled 2,787 (Lee, 2014). While this may not seem like a large number, one must keep in mind that minorities make up a small number of the population. Though the rate at which people of color are being killed by police has fallen, they are still at a much higher risk than their white counterparts. A study done by the Centers of Disease Control showed that the two groups most likely to be killed by law enforcement were African Americans and Native Americans. Considering that Native Americans make up less than 1% of the population, but are almost 2% of police killings and African Americans are 13% of the population but are killed in 26% of law enforcement shooting. (Males, 2014). What this means is that these groups, like many minorities, are victimized at an extremely high rate. When it comes to the state of...

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...soft-spoken, polite, a gentleman ', ex principal says” (Wing, 2014). This stereotype can really cause static within minorities because it’s obvious in showing how differently they are treated. Bringing equality to the media would lessen tensions but keep us informed as well.
Ultimately, police brutality against minorities has decreased well since the 1970’s but it still is very prevalent and slowly increasing even in this decade. It will never be okay for the parents of minorities to have to warn them about police. We should be able to look to them for help and safety. With this in mind, I stand by my belief that police brutality is influenced by race with statistics and well-known cases as my supportive claims. There will always be solutions, as mentioned, that will help alleviate the chaos between police and minorities but none will solve this dilemma completely.

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