Police Brutality Incidents Against Minorities Essay

Police Brutality Incidents Against Minorities Essay

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Project Description:
My project entails qualitative data regarding the rates of police brutality incidents against minorities. Pursuing a better knowledge and understand of the criminal justice system and news media, would be my main reason for this. For instance, one must keep in mind that “police work is dangerous, difficult, and unappreciated, but there is no excuse for the type of behavior recorded on videotape” (Brooks 1991). By analyzing cases that have been involved with the media constantly, I will able to pursue a better understanding of why there is a higher percentage of minorities being killed by police officers, than Caucasians. I will also be able to gather ideas and ways of solving this problem. For instance, should police officers be forced to wear body cameras to monitor their activities?
As a Sociology/Women’s Studies/Political Science major, I would like to pursue an understanding of how does society perceives the police department?, how does the media contradicts these series of events?, how does this affect the African American and Latino population?, what can be done to lower the rates of police brutality against minorities? and last, but not least, is “racism in the criminal justice system persist[ing], both overtly and implicitly?” (Flatow 2014, 2). That is to say, is racism the cause of this issue? This project would serve as my experience in research, would help me meet the requirements for law school, and most of all, would improve my knowledge regarding the following societal issue.
Objective of Research:
The goal of my research is to provide a better understanding of police brutality to students and scholars who are interested in the area, including myself. I will also like to provide the public with...

... middle of paper ...

...to lower crime rates, regarding police officers. Basically, does the fear of being incarcerated or being sent to jail will degenerate one’s title, power, or status as a police officer? If so, how and to what extent? Will this help to lower the rates of police misconduct against minorities? (National Institute of Justice 2016). By analyzing the deterrence theory, I will be able to explain to others, its significance and effects on the American society and the police department.
Anticipated Outcome:
The anticipated outcome of my research is develop my knowledge and understanding of the Criminal Justice System, as well as, finding a way to improve police relations in the community. I would also like to provide the police department with any recommendations I may have and I am looking forward to furthering my studies on the Criminal Justice System at the graduate level.

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