Police Brutality Ends Here? Essay

Police Brutality Ends Here? Essay

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Police Brutality Ends Here
Imagine this: Summer break has finally kicked in and a couple of kids has decided to throw a pool party under adult supervision. The kids are munching on finger food, drinking sodas, and hanging out with their friends. Suddenly a fight between a child and her mother breaks out, and the neighbors call the police. Once the police arrived madness in the neighborhood erupted. One cop in particular began to terrorize the black children, curse at them, pulled out his gun, and manhandled them in a way that is unbelievably violent and sickening.
In a video recorded by a local bystander, a policeman displayed unethical and unnecessary force by dragging a child to the ground and sitting on her. I believe that if a police officer displays any form of unnecessary force in a harmful way he or she should, in return, be forced to resign from his or her position. By forcing the officers to resign it not only shows that Americans take police brutality very seriously, but shows that police officers are not above the law. Secondly, as American citizens we pay taxes which make up officers’ salaries, to serve and protect us and not to harm us. Last but not least, officers were not trained to use disciplinary force in an inappropriate way.
By forcing officers to resign, it shows that they are not above the law. Police brutality has gone way too far in our nation, and it’s time for us as a whole to weed out all the bad cops who show injustice. I agree with Pamela Means when she says that “Officer McKinney’s behavior was symptomatic of other incidents in the United States between white police officers and blacks” (Heinz). For instance, the killings of other black children such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and sadly ma...

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...lly, officers were not trained to use disciplinary force in an inappropriate way. Although making officers’ resign in the position he or she holds, does not take the place of their punishment; it is a good start to putting an end to the trend of police brutality. Granted there are other Americans who feel just as strongly as I do about the situation at hand, that try to stop this devastating trend by marching or petitioning these acts of violence. However, something greater and more significant has to happen so this nonsense can cease once and for all. I believe that the case should still be opened for further investigation of the assault they committed to those harmed, and possibly even jail time. The only way we as Americans are going to put an end to police brutality is by making police officers who abuse their power suffer the consequences of their own actions.

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