Police Brutality And Violence Against Minorities Essay

Police Brutality And Violence Against Minorities Essay

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There are quite a few cases involving police brutality going on today. The reason it is such a hot issue is due to the violence against minorities, but especially the African Americans. Police brutality is defined as “the unnecessary force by police officer against citizens, resulting in injury” (Peak, 1947, p. 162). That is the most worldwide view of police brutality because a lot of individuals are either injured or killed while the police are trying to apprehend them. The way this issue can be addressed if we look at, is it excessive force or acceptable force and what can be done to prevent people dying by the hands of the police.
There are many cases involving the death of young Africans Americans today. One case that was written by the Chicago Tribune says, “Jeremiah Smith, had not fought with police officers or resisted arrest before Kahn struck him, knocking him to the street...but they decided to pursue criminal charges because the cell phone video was sufficient evidence” (Meisner & Schmadeke). This is one instance where justice was served because officer Kahn got charged for using excessive force on Jeramiah Smith. Smith was not resisting arrest and trying to get away from the cops, he was complying with them and there was no need to use excessive force. This does not always happen, sometimes the police officers do not get charged with the force they use on a suspect. According to the Chicago Tribune another officer was investigated, “Officer Todd Johnson was apprehending a burglary suspect struggling with this officer and it appears that officer Johnson step on his neck... several officers and Johnson loading the still resisting suspect into a police van and minutes later found dead…they decided not to pursue crimina...

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...someone, you can’t go back” (Hays & Long, 2015.). These courses that officers go through encourage police officers to stay calm and never lay a hand on suspect. This will help prevent them from becoming liable of a lawsuit or getting charged. Police officers need to be retrained and educated about how they respond to suspects.
Police officers need to know what the difference is between excessive force and acceptable force. Officers need to coordinate on how they respond to a suspect. If a suspect in not resisting or trying to get away, then there is no need for excessive force. The issue of police brutality will decrease if police officers have the necessary training and education they need. This issue can be addressed if we look at, if it is excessive force or acceptable force and the what can be done to prevent the death of some by the hands of a police officer.

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