Police Brutality And Body Cameras Essay examples

Police Brutality And Body Cameras Essay examples

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Do police officers really need body cameras is a question that has been repeated all throughout the nation. Body cameras are video recording systems that are used by law enforcement to record their interactions with the public and gather video evidence. Most police departments do not wear body cameras currently and the ones that do are in trial phases to see how it works out. There are many advantages to police officers wearing body cameras but in asking the question should they wear body cameras the stakeholders should look at the complete picture. One reason that police and body cameras have constantly been brought up lately are the instances of police brutality happening within the United States. Police brutality within the United States is defined as deliberate use of excessive force by law enforcement when dealing with civilians. Examples of police brutality and body cameras will be examined throughout this essay and why they are worth it and do more good then harm for everyone. Police should wear body cameras because they would help both the citizens and the officers, they are useful in providing evidence in cases, and could potentially help prevent future instances of police brutality.
There are many different people on both sides of the fence in relation to body cameras. Many people of all races, careers, and economic statuses feel that police officers should be required to wear body cameras. After many of the recent cases and issues that have arose within the country specifically within the last four years citizens and government officials are starting to feel that if the officers had body cameras then maybe what happened wouldn’t be so debatable. They feel what is up for debate if there is physical recorded evidence whic...

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...ody cameras is to help prevent future instances of police brutality. In “Will Cameras on Police Reduce Polarization?’’ the author, Roseanna Sommers states that officers are, “…less likely to use force.”(95) when they are being being filmed by the cameras. In “Smile, you’re on Camera.” Aviva Rutkin examines different studies and says, “…studies suggest that people behave better when they’re being taped.”(12) This statement from the this article shows that overall people will make sure to be on their best behavior when on camera so this could promote positive interactions all around and less instances of brutality.

In conclusion, there are many pros to police wearing body cameras within the United States. If the right policies are in place and they are following the directions to wear them both the officers and civilians can benefit from the wearing of body cameras.

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