Essay about Police Brutality And African Americans

Essay about Police Brutality And African Americans

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You’re sitting at home and you turn on the news, it’s another headline of an African American teenage boy shot and killed by the police. What do you do? You turn the channel because it doesn’t affect you or you tell a friend that it has happened again. Often called police brutality, the use of excessive and/or force by police when dealing with a civilian has negatively impacted the lives of police officers and African Americans. Although it may be seen as a defensive tactic for police officers, excessive force has become the cause of death to many African Americans teenagers.

Police brutality happens more often than reported by police officers and citizens, but the ones that end deadly for African Americans are the ones the media acknowledges. For example, Michael Brown, was a 18 year old African American man shot and killed by Darren Wilson, Ferguson police officer (Smith). Laquan McDonald, was a 17 year old African American teen shot and killed by Jason Van Dyke, Chicago police officer (Jonsson). Eric Garner, was a 43 year old African American man choked to death while being arrested by a NYPD officer. Oscar Grant III, was a 22 year old African American shot and killed by Johannes Mehserle, an Oakland police officer. These are all examples of the end result of most police brutality encounters. So the new

question is how does it affect other people in society? Because the more we think about it the person that dies and the person who killed them are not always the only ones affected.

Most will say that police brutality affects African Americans the most because they are targeted and their life is possibly at risk, but I would say that it affects police officers more because their job is at risk. Police officers have to ...

... middle of paper ...

...same. The cause of police brutality has made way for the movement to flourish and spread word of all the injustices African Americans are facing. America was ignoring African Americans by discrimination and not treating them equally but the Black Lives Matter movement will make sure they listen this time with protests and riots to catch the attention of many. With all the negative connotations that come along with the the phrase police brutality there is also some good that follows along with it.

Police brutality has negatively impacted police officers and African Americans lives due to reforms, criticism, and stereotyping, but positive impacts have come out of it such as. Reforms, use of civil rights, and more knowledge of the cause. Although it does not end well for everybody, it includes everyone and expects America to come up with a way to combat the issue.

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