Police Brutality : A Police Officer Essay

Police Brutality : A Police Officer Essay

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Police Brutality

Have a police officer ever abused a family member of yours?
Police brutality affects communities by lost of trust in police officers. Victims and witnesses of crimes are much less likely to report crimes. Which brings problems to our communities. In this research paper, readers will understand when a police officer who uses force when it is not called for, or who uses excessive force to perform his or her job, have crossed the line into police brutality. Police brutality remains one of the most serious and divisive human rights violations in the United State.
Police brutality is a common term used to describe the use by a police officer of more force than is necessary in making an arrest or to control a person. “The word “brutality” has several meanings; the sense used here (savage cruelty) was first used in 1633. The term “police brutality” was used in the American press as early as 1872, when the Chicago Tribune reported on the beating of a civilians under arrest at the Harrison Street Police Station.” Police brutality remains one of the most serious human rights violations in the United States. The law also cover police brutality most cases aren’t investigated. This happens because the police has the right to use force when it is necessary and often it is hard to prove that police brutality has taken place. (Wikipedia.org)

In many cases, the District Attorney’s office investigates claims of police brutality with their jurisdiction. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) also sometimes investigation police brutality claims. Many countries have laws which address police brutality. Sometimes the police department will not manage an investigation while there is a pending criminal complaint against the...

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...n numerous amounts of high profile cases of police brutality cases and many of them leads to murder in which the police officer’s acts are ruled as justifiable. Some of them were captured on video but were still ruled as justifiable because lack of evidence. Police acts should be under surveillance 24 hours a day because they are only citizens like everyone else, just carrying out a job of making sure the law is abided by the citizens of this country. So therefore, any citizen taking on duties of law enforcement should be supervised by video footage to protect the officer and also the citizens of the United States.(According to graphs.net)
In conclusion I think police officers should not be able to use force on a person if he or she do not have a weapon. If a person can not protect their self from the law he or she would most likely be in a police brutality case.

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