Essay about Police Authority, Police Power and Police Use of Force

Essay about Police Authority, Police Power and Police Use of Force

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This paper will describe police power and police authority. I will also talk about police discretion as for as whom gets locked up and who is allowed to go free. This paper will discuss the different use of police force. In this paper I will also talk about police attitude, police misconduct, and physical abuse among police officers.

Most people confuse police authority with police power. What are police authority and or police power? Souryal, (2007), stated, “That Authority is the right to control the behavior of others within legally determined parameter. These include constitutional and professional limitations, which are designed to resolve conflicts in an orderly fashion. Authority stems from the practitioner’s official position and applies only to the territory or jurisdiction to which he or she is assigned. The limits of authority are usually stated in penal codes, the codes of criminal procedures, agency rules and regulations, training manuals, and often in codes of ethics. Authority applies to the handing of standard cases because, contrary to popular belief, criminal practitioners encounter more similar situations than dissimilar situations”.
Police Power on the hand is different, Souryal (2007) states,” Power is the means of controlling the behavior of others beyond the standards of authority. Its purpose is not to punish or to discriminate, but to protect one’s safety (or the safety of others) when necessary or to reinforce authority in conventional cases. Power is a legitimate means of exercising responsibility when it degree murder to minor ethical violations”.
Power can go from hands on contact to figuratively speaking, such as beating a prisoner while incarcerated, or not paying any attention...

... middle of paper ...

... they are very cautious. This is what causes many officers to turn to tainted evidence. They get careless and then try to clean up some of their mistakes. With officers being in a powerful position they sometimes, it works but sometimes it does not. When it does not, there are their consequences officers have to pay. Consequences such as; being demoted, fired, suspension, and sometimes even prison depending on the nature of the crime committed by the officer.

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