Essay on The Police: Andy Summers, Gordon Mathew

Essay on The Police: Andy Summers, Gordon Mathew

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The Police were a three part band composed of Andy Summers the guitarist, Steward Copeland the drummer and Gordon Mathew Sumner the bass guitarist and singer. Before the band was formed Steward Copeland was part of the band Curved Air. In 1976 the band disbanded leaving Copeland without a job, or passion. Copeland yearned to join another band and reunite music with his life; coincidently he and Gordon met up at a local jazz club and appreciated each other enough to start a band. Soon after the two of them released their first song “Fall Out”, the two of them invited a Henry Padovani to join the band, who gladly accepted [why?]. In 1977 the three of them quietly toured with Mike Howlett as a project band for a Gong reunion – who Mike Howlett was formerly a part of. Copeland was almost excluded from this tour due to Mike choosing a different drummer. Luckily that drummer was busy and the band kept together. The four of them came under the name Strontium 90. A little while after that gig Andy Summers proposed to join the band on the condition that Padovani would be kicked out. Both Copeland and Gordon resisted after the idea at first due to the loyalty to Padovani, but after a few more concerts Summers was in and Padovani was informed that he was out of the band due to his limited abilities as a guitarist. Coming to distress in early 1978 the band accepted a shallow deal for money as a band in a gum commercial. The commercials director had only one condition, that they dye their hair blond for the shoot. The band was blessed to get this opportunity as later known because the blond hair became a trade mark of the band. The band’s first album was a hardship for them; they had a small studio and low budget, provided by Copeland’s older ...

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