Polarization Is Not A Permanent Charge Essay

Polarization Is Not A Permanent Charge Essay

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I. The leaves of the electroscope open up when a positively or negatively charged rod is brought near its tip because of polarization. Polarization is not a permanent charge; we are not charging the electroscope. When we approach the electroscope with a negatively charged rod, the electrons in the electroscope rush down to the leaves. This is due to the fact that like charges repel. Now that both of the leaves are negatively charged, they will repel and therefore open up. When we approach the electroscope with a positively charged rod, the electrons are attracted to the rod and rush to the tip rather than the leaves of the electroscope. Protons are located in the nucleus, and therefore cannot move around. So, the leaves have a positive charge. Two like charges in the leaves, both leaves having a positive charge, causes the leaves to repel.

II. The electroscope can be used to store charge or charge another object through conduction and induction. For conduction, even after the rod is removed, the electroscope continues to have the same charge as the rod. When the rod touches the electroscope, electrons are transferred between the two, so that the electroscope has the same charge as the rod. Meanwhile, with the process of induction, the rod is brought near the electroscope but does not touch it. The rod and the electroscope will have opposite charges.

III. The electroscope can be used to test an unknown charge by observing the behavior of the leaves when the rod is brought near the electroscope. The electroscope first has to be charged by conduction or induction with a known charge. We would use either one of these processes to observe the behavior of the leaves. For conduction, the rod has to be charged and must touc...

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...ged rod is brought near. This leaves one of the spheres with all of the electrons and the other sphere with all of the protons. The sphere with the electrons is negatively charged, while the sphere with the protons is positively charged. When the spheres are separated so that they are not touching, we have two differently charged systems.

XII. An object getting a positive charge is different from it getting a proton. Electrons are the only particle which can be transferred back and forth between objects. Protons are located in the nucleus of an atom, and cannot leave unless there is a nuclear reaction. Therefore, objects cannot gain or lose protons, but can gain or lose electrons. Objects can acquire a static electric charge by gaining or losing electrons. An object can acquire a positive charge by losing electrons, so that it has fewer electrons than protons.

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