Poland : A Country Of People With Polish Ancestry Essay

Poland : A Country Of People With Polish Ancestry Essay

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Historically, Poland has been a country of migration and very few immigrants. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the country practiced isolationist principles. Even for Polish citizens, the government made it difficult to leave the country and placed time limits on their time abroad. In the 1990s the government tried to make the Polish nation a country of people with Polish ancestry. With the large number of polish citizens who had lived in the Soviet Union trying to come back, the government focused on making their integration to society as easy as possible. Also, the government had strong nationalist tones. The country tried to get rid of ethnic Germans living in Poland and people who did not speak polish fluently to make for a more homogenous population (Iglicka et al. 2010). As far as the immigration population in Poland, it is relatively small compared to Spain and Austria. In 2006 the Polish Central Statistical Office estimated about 200,000 immigrants. Most of the immigrants come from Eastern European and Asian countries such as Ukraine, Vietnam, Armenia and countries with similar cultural backgrounds. A very interesting observation is that after Poland gained entry into the European Union, the number of settlement permits decreased and temporary permits increased (Iglicka et al. 2010). This could be indicative that Poland may be a transit country, a stop for people who ultimately plan on settling somewhere else. It could also be because the country in the past had made immigration to Poland tough so that it would meet the requirements of entry into the European Union.
The topic of immigration is not as prevalent in Poland as it is in Spain or Austria since Poland makes it difficult for foreigner to eventually bec...

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...a sensitive issue than it is in Eastern Europe. Out of the three countries discussed, Spain has the most immigration influx but they also have the most liberal laws. They also do not have any far-right or far-left parties speaking out about immigration in their bicameral structure, and if they do it is because the economy is doing poorly in the country. Austria on the other hand has political parties very actively engaged in the topic of immigration. The country has implemented many integration laws to aid foreigners in their transition. Lastly, Poland although it faces the least amount of immigration compared to Spain and Austria, it also does not have extreme parties regarding the issue of immigration in government. Poland also does not have any comprehensive integration laws in place besides the help it offers its own Poland migrants coming back into the country.

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