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The Point of Fairy Tales Essay examples

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It might be surprising too many but Fairy tales have been so frequently reinterpreted in many cultures since they first originated. As far as we know, Fairy tales date back as early as 350 B.C. Scholars think that such stories were originally passed down orally from generation to generation and were an immediate success through out the decades. According to …. (2013) Fairy tales started off being intended for adults but eventually became a tradition of stories that parents generally read to their children. Moreover, Fairy tales usually feature characters such as elves, old evil witches, stepmothers, and young innocent girls and usually involve magic of some sort. Yet, the term fairy tale itself was first used by Madame d’Aulnoy, a 17th century French writer, who used the term to describe her own fairy tales, which she called contes de fee. She originally started story telling at a woman’s salon and these tales were later better known by Charles Perrault. However, often many times some well-known traditional re-tellings of the fairy tales included violence and bloody scenes, such as those stories by the Brothers Grimm, and are a little too violent for children these days. Not only are they too violent but other popular fairy tales are difficult to read to boys and girls as bedtime stories because they may have an evil witch character or may be too vicious for them as well.
Since the creation of fairy tales, these stories have always started with a struggle where the endings included some sort of violence. For example in the story Cinderella by the Brothers Grimm, Cinderella’s step sisters abuse her and in the ending, the first stepsister cuts her toe off and the second step sister cuts a bit off her heel just to make their feet ...

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...o your children? After reading this fairy tale to your children, you may never look at fairy tales in quite the same way again. The Fairy Tale story begins with the same lines with in which all Fairy Tales begin with: “Once upon a time…” and ends with “…Happily ever After.” However, this story has new concepts incorporated into it. As with anything, many individuals have criticized how fairy tales should not end with a “happily ever after” since they may personally believe that there is no real happily ever after. However, counteracting this perhaps as parents, one can step back and explain to their children to help them realize that it is only a story. Without a shadow of doubt, fairy tales originally started for adults; however, I aimed at pleasing children and not grown-ups. This new edition of a fairy tale I wrote will forever be known as Bella In the Wild.

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