Poetry Is Plucking At The Heartstrings, And Making Music Essay example

Poetry Is Plucking At The Heartstrings, And Making Music Essay example

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As Dennis Gabor wrote, “Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with

them.” Poetry makes all people feel differently. According to www.poets.org, “Upon Emily

Dickinson’s death, her family discovered 40 hand bound volumes of nearly 1800 of her poems,

or fascicles as they are sometimes called.” Dickinson’s poems are very deep and sometimes

intense; at the same time they are inspiring. The themes of her most famous poem, “Hope is the

thing with feathers” includes how hope will always be there for people, watching over everyone.

It will never ask anything of anyone, no matter how much they ask of it; there is always a light at

the end of a dark tunnel. Although these are the main themes, poetry can be anything the reader

would like it to be, and interpret it anyway they would like. When she wrote the poem,

Dickinson made sure to allow for freedom of interpretation, but at the same time makes sure to

get the point across so there is no debate of what the main themes are. The themes in the poem

“Hope is the thing with feathers” written by Emily Dickinson, are revealed through connotation,

imagery, and word choice.

Firstly, connotation is any key poetic device(s) in a poem. Connotation is like the breeze on

the ocean on a calm day, it just makes everything flow together. Connotation reveals the overall

theme of the poem, “Hope is the thing with feathers” by Emily Dickenson through poetic

devices, diction, and rhyme scheme. Figurative language is one of the main pieces of poetic

devices, and shows up the most in the poem, revealing the theme. Many pieces of the poem

personify the actions or feelings of hope, especially when Emily says, “‘Hope’ is the thing with

feathers-/That p...

... middle of paper ...

... softly.

Emily Dickinson wrote over 1800 poems in her lifetime. Because of this, Dickinson

understands poetry and the themes of her poems much better than anyone else. In the poem,

‘Hope is the thing with feathers,’ Dickinson states the theme of hope always being there for

everyone with the help of connotation, imagery, and word choice. “Poetry is plucking at the

heartstrings, and making music with them,” Dennis Gabor once composed. All people can

interpret poetry their own way. Poetry can inspire different feelings in all people, making them

do or think differently than one might have done before. When Dickinson wrote her poem, she

allowed for the creativity of the reader to swoop in and carry them away into their imagination,

but at the same time shows the point in a way that the main idea is obvious and cannot be

covered up by detail.

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