Poetry From China, Egypt, And Greece Essay

Poetry From China, Egypt, And Greece Essay

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Often times, writers have their own unique source of inspiration. Many write about what they know, what they have seen, or where they have been. Literature comes from all over the world and every piece contains a hint about the period and place it was written in. The authors of lyric poems have their own special way of demonstrating his or hers’ culture and way of life. Poems derived from Greece, China, and Egypt are different in their own ways due to the fact that beliefs and practices vary in each region. Some areas emphasize traditional values whereas some encourage adaptation to contemporary practices. Ways of life and romances are depicted in various manners because beliefs are not the same throughout the world nor are they written in the same era as shown by authors from China, Egypt, and Greece.
Lyric poems from China have a more worldly perspective than those from Greece or Egypt. Beginning with the practices, whether religious or nonreligious, in China, Li Bo demonstrated the spiritual nature found on earth and the world outside of worlds. Li Bo’s lyrical style reflected folk songs through the use of everyday, bold language. These lyrics were intended to let the public hear the voices and the struggles everyday people in his community faced. This was especially important during the time of imperial China where there were periods of unrest and rebellion amongst its people. However, despite invasions and disputes, it was also deemed fairly stable with an emphasis on artistry. Due to times of stress and tranquility, his lyrics emphasized greatness in spiritual values. Li Bo’s work referred and accentuated the beauty of nature and worldly beliefs. Often times, his work discussed topics of heaven, nature, and human struggle...

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...speaks highly of love and loss like Sappho, the nature of love like Li Bo, and the familiarity and emotional love songs like the writers of Egypt.
Time and regions play a great deal in a poet’s work. Cultural differences and practices define the topics these writers are inspired by. Li Bo’s worldly perspective, his emphasis on nature and the heaven, contrasted with the more romantic view of the Greek and Egyptian poets. Though Sappho and the writers of the Egyptian love poems both talked about the power of adoration, their work still differed from one another. The poets of Egypt highlighted younger, intense passionate love whereas, Sappho wrote about love in a more practical, realistic, and darker perspective. Despite where ancient lyric poems came from, they all severed a purpose and that is to get their readers to feel for their writing on a more emotional level.

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