Essay about Poetry As An Art And Pleasure

Essay about Poetry As An Art And Pleasure

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Poetry is a form of written word which has experience created by sound and meaning. It integrates various elements: Imagery; a figurative language which prompts the reader as well as the listener of the poem to create mental images. Poetic choice of words; this is based on the sound that is, denotation and connotation. Denotation refers to the accurate meaning of the word while connotation refers to the intended meaning of a word. The sound is another element of poetry which about the rhyme; words that sound similar or exactly alike in the poem. It employs metaphor which expresses something new and meaning way by way of comparison on unlike things. The theme as the main element is the purpose of the poem. Poetry is tied as an art because of the esthetic qualities, symbolic language, and intellection. This study seeks to analyze, interpret and justify poetry as an art and pleasure.
Art is the expression of things, situations, conditions and different surrounding in imagery and symbolic language (Goguen, p.7). An art Poetry in contemplated to be an art because of the following properties; To begin with, it is autonomous. In interpreting works of art, the concern is making the work clear by picking the words that bring out what the word expresses. In poetry, however, one gets to the meaning by the poem’s own words instead of finding new words. There exist words that already express the subject matter and we seek alternative words to express the subject matter in a similar way. The words are not substituted in an interpretation. The autonomous nature of poetry gives it an advantage over other art forms. Secondly, it is symbolic (Ferlinghetti, p.157). It links the familiar with the unfamiliar by use of imagery. Words in poetry have a...

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...language has the ability to trigger thoughts and emotions thereby creating a connection with ourselves and others. Poetry uses expressive language; this creates an experience to both the leader and the listener (Vassey, p.1). Experience leads to imagination which in turn leads to visualization of the real world. Aristotle states that there is a natural pleasure in poetry that comes about by the aspect of imitation. Emotional appeal is a source of pleasure. Emotions are evoked with the aim of purging them and thus resulting in a “peace of mind”, meaning pleasure is achieved. Similarly, melancholy as an esthetic emotion suggests that in solitude, we tend to deeply reflect on good memories and fantasies to counter some past bad experiences, thus prolonging pleasure. Poetry has both the aspects an art and pleasure, as seen in the thoughts put across by various scholars.

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