Poetic Devices in Alone by Edgar Allan Poe Essay

Poetic Devices in Alone by Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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The poem “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe depicts the personal life and challenges Poe faced as a child. The poem begins with Poe explaining how he knew he was different from other children. A quote that clearly portrays this would be, “From childhood's hour I have not been/ As others were-- I have not seen” (Poe ll. 1-2). Poe goes on to explain how he felt abandoned and severed from his peers, stating “And all I lov'd-- I lov'd alone” (Poe 8). I believe the previous quote explains how Poe felt alone after his parents died. Later on in the poem, Poe explains how he would only see the “evil” in life while his peers saw the “good”. This is proven at the end of the poem, when Poe writes, “(When the rest of Heaven was blue)/ Of a demon in my view--” (Poe 21-22). Although the poem is only twenty-two lines, Poe uses multiple poetic device throughout the poem.

Throughout “Alone”, Poe uses various poetic devices to captivate his reader. For instance, Poe uses external rhyme throughout the poem, at the end of each pair of lines. Along with the use of rhyming, Poe also uses descriptive imagery. A m...

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