The Poem La Migra By Pat Mora Essay

The Poem La Migra By Pat Mora Essay

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The poem “La Migra” was written by Pat Mora in 1993, it is divided into two stanzas for two different points of view. They both depict a boy and girl playing a game in which they take turns being a border patrol officer and an illegal immigrant crossing the border. Throughout the poem some dangers faced by immigrants are indirectly referenced. The poem does a great job at explaining the scenario of illegal border crossing from the views of children as well as from two different perspectives, someone in power and the victim- the maid crossing over the border. Illegal immigration is seen as the worst thing in American culture from the perspective of racist Americans, however those people fail to take into account the obstacles and the dangers faced everyday by migrants in search of a better life. The poem “La Migra” by Pat Mora does a great job at highlighting some dangers encountered by immigrants when illegally migrating into the United States, however if viewed from a racist point of view one will turn the dangers into justifications for hatred felt towards illegal immigrants.
The first lines of stanza one in the poem “La Migra” states “Let’s play La Migra I’ll be the border patrol. You be the Mexican maid. (Mays, 1216)” This is what gives the reader the idea that this poem is about two children playing a game. Since the views from each are coming from children’s perspectives this makes them innocent and truthful views because typically they are the ones who most likely speak the truth.

In the first stanza lines 8 through to state “I can take you wherever I want but don’t ask questions (Mays, 1216) This statement is insinuating that the little boy or border patrol officer believes he could take the Mexican maid wherever he want...

... middle of paper ...

...he border patrol officer cannot even imagine what she’s been through. He does not know what she knows.
This explication of the poem “La Migra” has expressed the dangers that come along with illegal immigration to the United States from Mexico as well as the racism and hatred that comes along after successfully crossing. This explication has taught the reader to try viewing things in a different perspective and stop acting like the victim where they clearly are not. This argument relates to the continuation of illegal border crossing that still occurs to this day. After reading this essay the reader should try and place themselves in other people’s shoes before judging them for their actions. For example one should not be hateful towards an illegal immigrant for coming to this country before knowing the reasons as to why they decided to come here in the first place.

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