Essay on Poem Analysis : ' Gorilla ' My Love '

Essay on Poem Analysis : ' Gorilla ' My Love '

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My Word Is My Bond: A Reader’s Response to “Gorilla, My Love”
Have many people have ever gone to a film and thought it was going to be about one thing and turned out to be about another. In the story “Gorilla, My love” written by Toni Cade Bambara the story begins with a young girl named Hazel riding in the car with some family and during she starts to reminisce about a bad experience at the movie theatre, her interactions with her family, and her first heartbreak. In the story “Gorilla, My Love” although Hazel is young, her diction shows the reader that she’s relatable, mature and sticks to integrity.
Early on in the story the reader gets an idea of how young Hazel is, and the first thing they notice is her maturity due to her diction. While driving in the car with her uncle, younger brother, and grandfather, her uncle began talking: “And we got to hear all this stuff about this women he in love with and all. Which really ain’t enough to keep the mind alive.” (Bambara 272) Although Hazel is young she doesn’t enjoy her uncle talking about his love life. Giving the reader an idea of what type of personality she has. For instance, when faced with a situation at the movie theatre Hazel acted well above her years. While trying to get her money back from the theatre manager, she expressed her anger: “And now I’m really frustrated cause I get tired of grown ups messin over kids cause they little and cant take em to court.” (Bambara 274) Hazel also didn’t like that the man treated her as though she wasn’t smart, telling the reader “in reality I am the smartest kid in P.S. 186.” (Bambara 274) Unfortunately, Hazel doesn’t get her money back and instead stole some matches from the manager and set the candy stand on fire. Hazel setting tha...

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... has been hiding how she really feels about her uncle being in love. She even says that her younger brother cried with her: “And Baby Jason cryin too. Cause he is my blood brother and understands that we must stick together or be forever lost.”(Bambara 276) The reader gets to see a softer side of Hazel and her emotions, for once Hazel is acting her age, reminding the reader that she is a child again.
Throughout the story the reader gets a glimpse into the life of a child named Hazel, the author made Hazel a person of their word in addition to being mature and relatable. Although Hazel was young her maturity made it easy to connect with any age group, her emotions made her relatable, her upbringing made her an honest person and her education made her mature. The author succeeded in making sure that Hazel was a well-rounded person, that the reader could connect with.

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