Essay about Poem Analysis : Forever By Emily Dickinson

Essay about Poem Analysis : Forever By Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson
Time is and endless phenomenon that has no beginning or end, therefore making it infinite. Emily Dickinson proves this point in her poem, Forever – is Composed of Nows, referring to “nows” as more significant than the future (Wilbur 80).
Dickinson unravels this thesis in the poem by explaining how time is not composed in the past, or in the future it is only composed of “nows” referring to the present time. The majority of this poem develops her idea that time is “untouchable” unless it is in the moment (O’Brien). In accordance with that line, the following sentence gives insight into her point by providing support in creating a paradox. This paradox is used in this poem to exaggerate her point in that time exists only and is also “presentable” in the present (O’Brien). Dickinson takes an infinite subject and contradicts that subject by stating that it’s controlled mostly by a finite, or limited time span. This adds on to the fact that the future is if merely formed by present actions not the past.
To comprehend Emily Dickinson’s poems, one must understand the depth of her tone and view “each line as an individual” (Priddy 4). The choice of using simple words might be obscure for a logical poet as Dickinson, however she uses simple words as a technique to develop a complex sentence with a strong meaning. An example of this is her fourth sentence in which she states, “And Latitude of Home-“, where she uses a multi-definition word to intertwine with a simple word to convey a deep message. Dickinson uses a different definition of the word latitude than the obvious definition or meaning (Barnet 501). Essentially, this message means that every one’s “now is different” in the “space” that exists in home (Priddy 15)....

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...r that she does not need or want the attention wanting to remain anonymous. The fifth line also adds on to the sense that she sees being a “Somebody” to be dreary “like a frog”. In the last sentence Dickinson’s choice of words can still bring much more meaning to four words, “To an admiring Bog!” These words can be perceived in different ways, one example is that she does not think it is important or even relevant to be admired by a “Bog” who understands but little, than to be understood by an author that truly understands is a “gift” is what Dickinson means in this sentence (Priddy105). Dickinson word choice explains the “truth” of what she believes to be somebody meant and it was her job or task of telling the “truth about poetry” and placed “that vocation above God” (comprehensive research 58).
Dickinson has a power to fuse a “single order of perception”,

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